International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation ISAP 2010

event date session num session
2010/11/231SC01Short Course 1
2010/11/231SC02Short Course 2
2010/11/231SC03Short Course 3
2010/11/231SC04Short Course 4
2010/11/231SC05Short Course 5
2010/11/231SC06Short Course 6
2010/11/242KSKeynote Speech
2010/11/242WA1Rohde & Schwarz Special Session
2010/11/242WA2Antennas with Metamaterials 1
2010/11/242WB1Wideband Antennas 1
2010/11/242WB2Computational Electromagnetics 1
2010/11/242WC1Student Paper Competition
2010/11/242WD1EMC/EMI Simulations & Measurements
2010/11/242WD2Mobile and Indoor Propagations 1
2010/11/253TA1Small Antennas 1
2010/11/253TA2Adaptive and Smart Antennas
2010/11/253TA3Small Antennas 2
2010/11/253TA4Antenna Array 1
2010/11/253TB1Millimeter Wave and Sub-Millimeter Wave Antennas 1
2010/11/253TB2Dual Band Antennas
2010/11/253TB3Multi-Band Antennas
2010/11/253TB4Wideband Antennas 2
2010/11/253TC1Antenna Measurements 1
2010/11/253TC2Antenna Measurements 2
2010/11/253TC3Millimeter Wave and Sub-Millimeter Wave Antennas 2
2010/11/253TC4Antennas with Metamaterials 2
2010/11/253TD1Remote Sensing
2010/11/253TD2Remote Sensing and Other Propagations
2010/11/253TD3Mobile and Indoor Propagations 2
2010/11/253TD4Other Propagations
2010/11/253TE1High-Frequency Techniques and Time Domain Techniques
2010/11/253TE2Computational Electromagnetics2
2010/11/253TE3Other Electomagnetic Wave Theories
2010/11/253TE4Mobile and Indoor Propagations and Millimeter and Optical Wave Propagations
2010/11/253TF1MIMO Radio Channels & Mobile Radio Communication Systems 1
2010/11/253TF2Satellite Communication Systems and Other Systems
2010/11/253TF3MIMO Radio Channels & Mobile Radio Communication Systems 2
2010/11/253TF4EMC/EMI Simulations & Measurements and MIMO Radio Channels & Mobile Radio Communication Systems
2010/11/264FA1Small Antennas 3
2010/11/264FA2Small Antennas 4
2010/11/264FA3UWB Antennas
2010/11/264FA4Small Antennas and Other Antennas
2010/11/264FB1Adaptive and Smart Antennas and Other Antennas
2010/11/264FB2Antenna Array 2
2010/11/264FB3Antenna Array 3
2010/11/264FB4Reconfigurable and Multiband Antennas
2010/11/264FC1Antenna Measurements 3
2010/11/264FC2Planar Antennas
2010/11/264FC3Millimeter Wave and Sub-Millimeter Wave Antennas and Other Antennas
2010/11/264FC4Other Antennas
2010/11/264FD1Other Systems 1
2010/11/264FD2RF/Microwave Filters
2010/11/264FD3Biological Effects and Medical Applications and Other Systems
2010/11/264FD4RF/Microwave Components