International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation ISAP 2010

number title/author
3TE2-1Improvement on the Invalidation in NURBS MOM-PO Method
Kai Huang, Zhi-Li He, Xun-Wang Zhao, Chang-Hong Liang, Hang Su,
3TE2-2Analysis of Complex Antennas Using Iterative Vector Fields with UTD Method
Zhi-Li He, Kai Huang, Xun-Wang Zhao, Chang-Hong Liang, Hang Su,
3TE2-3Fast FDTD Analysis Using OFDM Pulse for Multi-Antenna Systems
Mitsuharu Obara, Naoki Honma,
3TE2-4Spectral-Domain Formulation of Electromagnetic Scattering from Circular Cylinder Located near Periodically Corrugated Surface
3TE2-5Effects of Vibrating Lossless Dielectric on EM Fields: Numerical Simulation in One Dimension
Mingtsu Ho, Wen-Chiang Lin, Yao-Han Chen, Yung-Chin Lin,