2022 Asia-Pacific Microwave Conference

event date session num session
2022/11/29IF-AVirtual Interactive Forum A
2022/11/29IF-BVirtual Interactive Forum B
2022/11/29IF-CVirtual Interactive Forum C
2022/11/29IF-DVirtual Interactive Forum D
2022/11/30IF-AVirtual Interactive Forum A
2022/11/30IF-BVirtual Interactive Forum B
2022/11/30IF-CVirtual Interactive Forum C
2022/11/30IF-DVirtual Interactive Forum D
2022/11/30WE1-F1Advanced Low Noise Amplifiers and Receivers
2022/11/30WE1-F2Couplers and Dividers
2022/11/30WE1-F3Antenna Design
2022/11/30WE1-F4Novel Technologies for IoT, 5G, and THz Communication Systems
2022/11/30WE1-F5Non-Radiative Wireless Power Transfer
2022/11/30WE1-F6Metamaterials and Metasurfaces
2022/11/30WE2-F1Opening Session
2022/11/30WE3-F1High-Frequency Devices and Power Amplifiers for X to mm-Wave Applications
2022/11/30WE3-F2Guided Wave Structures and Novel Passive Components I
2022/11/30WE3-F3Smart, Active, and Reconfigurable Antennas
2022/11/30WE3-F4Advanced Material Evaluation in Microwave and Millimeter Waves
2022/11/30WE3-F5Array and High-gain Antennas
2022/11/30WE3-F6JEMEA/JSPS R024 Committee Special Session: Advanced Microwave Heating using Semiconductor Oscillator
2022/12/1IF-AVirtual Interactive Forum A
2022/12/1IF-BVirtual Interactive Forum B
2022/12/1IF-CVirtual Interactive Forum C
2022/12/1IF-DVirtual Interactive Forum D
2022/12/1TH1-F1Transistor Modeling Techniques for High Power Devices
2022/12/1TH1-F2Guided Wave Structures and Novel Passive Components II
2022/12/1TH1-F3Reflector and Reflectarray Antennas
2022/12/1TH1-F4Radar and Electromagnetic Sensing I
2022/12/1TH1-F5Wireless Power Transfer
2022/12/1TH1-F6Metasurface-Based Millimeter-wave and Terahertz Antennas
2022/12/1TH2-F1Millimeter-Wave and THz Integrated Circuits
2022/12/1TH2-F2Advances in Non-Planar Filter Technologies
2022/12/1TH2-F3Wideband Antennas
2022/12/1TH2-F4Radar and Electromagnetic Sensing II
2022/12/1TH2-F5Microwave Power Transfer Systems
2022/12/1TH2-F6Packaging and Interconnection Technology for Microwave System
2022/12/1TH3-F1CMOS Control Circuits for Radar and Other Applications
2022/12/1TH3-F2Passive Components in Millimeter and Submillimeter Waves
2022/12/1TH3-F3MIMO and Beam-Forming Antennas
2022/12/1TH3-F4Novel Measurement Technique in Microwave and Millimeter Waves
2022/12/1TH3-F5Electromagnetic Compatibility
2022/12/1TH3-F6Selected Research Topics within the European Region
2022/12/2FR1-F1Frequency/Signal Control Circuits
2022/12/2FR1-F2Advances in Synthesis and Design Techniques for Wideband Filters
2022/12/2FR1-F3EM Propagation and Antennas for Propagation Measurement
2022/12/2FR1-F4Brand-New Communication Systems Opening Up New Fields
2022/12/2FR1-F5Professor Tatsuo Itoh Memorial Session
2022/12/2FR1-F6Special Session for Young Professionals
2022/12/2FR2-F1GaN-Based Power Amplifier and Related Techniques for Base Stations
2022/12/2FR2-F2Advanced and Innovative Filtering Devices
2022/12/2FR2-F3Multiband Antennas
2022/12/2FR2-F4Radar and Electromagnetic Sensing III
2022/12/2FR2-F5Rectennas and Energy Harvesting
2022/12/2FR2-F6Engineering Challenges for Radio Astronomy in the Next Era
2022/12/2FR3-F1Amplifier, Envelope Tracking, and Modeling Techniques
2022/12/2FR3-F2High-Performance Planar Filters
2022/12/2FR3-F3EM Analysis and High Frequency Components
2022/12/2FR3-F4Radar and Electromagnetic Sensing IV
2022/12/2FR3-F5Microwave Energy Heating and Its Application Technology to Chemical Reaction Processes
2022/12/2FR3-F6Women In Engineering/Microwaves
2022/12/2IF-AVirtual Interactive Forum A
2022/12/2IF-BVirtual Interactive Forum B
2022/12/2IF-CVirtual Interactive Forum C
2022/12/2IF-DVirtual Interactive Forum D