2000 International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation (ISAP2000)

event date session num session
2000/8/221A1Invited Talk 1
2000/8/221A2Satellite Communication Systems
2000/8/221A3Analysis of Reflector Antennas
2000/8/221A4Small Antennas
2000/8/221B2Scattering and Diffraction
2000/8/221B3Complex Media and Artificial Media
2000/8/221B4High-Frequency Techniques
2000/8/221C2Broadband and Dual Polarization Antennas
2000/8/221C3Phased Arrays
2000/8/221C4Printed Array Antennas
2000/8/221D2Biological Effects and Medical Applications
2000/8/221D3Wideband Mobile Channel Characterization and Modeling
2000/8/221D4Earth Space Propagation
2000/8/221E2Mobile and Base Station Antennas 1
2000/8/221E3Radio Technologies for Intelligent Transport Systems
2000/8/221E4Mobile and Base Station Antennas 2
2000/8/221F2Ionospheric Propagation and Radio Astronomy
2000/8/221F3Waveguiding Structures and Discontinuities
2000/8/221F4Time Domain Techniques
2000/8/232A1Invited Talk 2
2000/8/232A2Millimeter Wave and Submillimeter Wave Antennas
2000/8/232A3Antenna Measurements
2000/8/232A4Reflector Antennas
2000/8/232B3Remote Sensing 1
2000/8/232B4SAR Polarimetry and Interferometry 1
2000/8/232C2Microstrip and Printed Antennas
2000/8/232C3Antenna Design, Analysis and Related Software 1
2000/8/232C4Antenna Design, Analysis and Related Software 2
2000/8/232D2Asia-Pacific Special Issues
2000/8/232D3Multi-Dimensional Signal Processing Antennas
2000/8/232D4High Power Microwave Applications
2000/8/232E2Computational Methods 1
2000/8/232E3Computational Methods 2
2000/8/232E4Periodic Structures Including Band-Gap Materials
2000/8/232F2Waves in Plasma
2000/8/232F3Theoretical Electromagnetics and Analytical Methods
2000/8/232F4Random Media and Rough Surfaces
2000/8/243A1Invited Talk 3
2000/8/243C2Adaptive Antennas 1
2000/8/243C4Adaptive Antennas 2
2000/8/243D2Inverse Problems
2000/8/243D4Remote Sensing 2
2000/8/243E2Lenses and Feeds
2000/8/243E4Optical Technologies in Antennas
2000/8/243F2Terrestrial Propagation
2000/8/243F4Human Interactions with Mobile Communication Antennas
2000/8/24POSA1Microstrip Antennas 1
2000/8/24POSA2Microstrip Antennas 2
2000/8/24POSA3Microstrip and Printed Slot Antennas
2000/8/24POSA4Antenna Arrays, Phased Arrays
2000/8/24POSA5Practical Aspects of Antenna Design
2000/8/24POSAPAP2000 Award Winning Papers
2000/8/24POSE1Electromagnetic Theory 1
2000/8/24POSE2Electromagnetic Theory 2
2000/8/24POSE3Electromagnetic Theory 3
2000/8/24POSP1Wave Propagation 1
2000/8/24POSP2Wave Propagation 2
2000/8/24POSP3Wave Propagaton 3
2000/8/24POSS1Systems and Related Topics 1
2000/8/24POSS2Systems and Related Topics 2
2000/8/254A1Invited Talk 4
2000/8/254A2Mobile and Indoor Propagation
2000/8/254A3Future Personal Communication Systems
2000/8/254A4Invited Talk 5
2000/8/254C2Integrated Antennas
2000/8/254C3Active Antennas
2000/8/254D2EMC/EMI Simulation and Measurements 1
2000/8/254D3EMC/EMI Simulation and Measurements 2
2000/8/254E2Array Antennas
2000/8/254E3Direction-of-Arrival Estimation
2000/8/254F2SAR Polarimetry and Interferometry 2
2000/8/254F3Subsurface Sensing