For Individual Members (Members, Student Members)

Annual Membership Dues

Various Procedures

Member Page

You can proceed the followings on your Member Page.

  • Payment of Annual Membership Dues(online settlement)
  • Confirming Registered Contents
  • Various Applications
    (application for postal address change, society change, student membership, reduced membership dues, life membership, withdrawal etc.
  • Issuance of Various Slips
    (invoice, receipt for annual membership dues, membership card, certificate of residence

To login, you will need a membership number and password.
New Members are already have set up your password by yourself when you apply for membership.
All Members who have forgotten your password, please click Forgot Password to obtain the temporary password. Please set up your new password by following to the automatic e-mail.

Paper Submission/Subscribing Contents

Paper Submission

You can submit your papers for publication in the appropriate Transactions.

Subscribing Contents

  • The Journal of IEICE (Online)
    You can read the English version of the Online Journal.
  • The IEICE Transactions (Online)
    You can read papers in the Transactions of your Society.
  • Proceedings of the IEICE General Conference (Two years passed since the holding/Online edition) (inpreparation)
  • Proceedings of the International Conference (Online edition) (inpreparation)


In the IEICE, we invite donations to our members. The received donations will be divided to the following usages.

  • Children's Science Class
    Activate related activities of children's science class and use it for the purpose of nurturing the next generation of human resources.
  • General Management of the IEICE
    Improve further membership services and expand business operations for academic activities as an academic institution. Enhance academic activities and academic management by supporting projects that contribute to the development of electronic information and related academic fields.

We kindly ask for every members' agreement to the purpose, and cooperation of the donation. Since IEICE is an ordinary incorporated corporation, the amount will be excluded from donation deduction.


For individual members, 1 unit will be 1,000 yen, however there is no limit to the units.

Expression of Gratitude

We would like to express our gratitude to those who contributed, and publish your name in our Journal etc. We kindly ask for every member's agreement to the purpose, and cooperation of the donation.

How to Donate

Please login to Member Page, click on "Donation" on the left menu, then proceed for credit card payment.

✽The personal information we collect will not be used for the purposes other than IEICE activities.

International Activities/Event Guide

The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers Service Department, Membership Section
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