1989 International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation (ISAP1989)

event date session num session
1989/8/221A2Printed Antennas I
1989/8/221A3Printed Antennas II
1989/8/221A4New Challenges in VLBI and Radio Telescopes
1989/8/221B2Large Deployable and Inflatable Space Antennas I
1989/8/221B3Large Deployable and Inflatable Space Antenna II
1989/8/221B4EM Computation Techniques Using Supercomputers
1989/8/221C2High Frequency Techniques
1989/8/221C3Guided Waves I
1989/8/221C4Guided Waves II
1989/8/221D2Prediction Methods for Propagation
1989/8/221D3Remote Sensing I. Rain
1989/8/221D4Antenna Analysis
1989/8/232A1Printed Antennas III
1989/8/232A2Printed Antennas IV
1989/8/232A3Antennas for Biomedical Use
1989/8/232A4Active Array Antenna Technologies
1989/8/232B1Adaptive and Signal Processing Antenna Techniques I
1989/8/232B2Adaptive and Signal Processing Antenna Techniques II
1989/8/232B3Adaptive and Signal Processing Antenna Techniques III
1989/8/232B4Adaptive and Signal Processing Antenna Techniques IV
1989/8/232C1Inverse Scattering I
1989/8/232C2Inverse Scattering II
1989/8/232C3Inverse Scattering III
1989/8/232C4Scattering and Diffraction I
1989/8/232D1Tropospheric Propagation I
1989/8/232D2Remote Sensing II. Surface and Subsurface
1989/8/232D3Propagation in Interplanetary and Magnetospheric Plasma
1989/8/232D4Wire and Slot Antennas for Circular Polarization
1989/8/243A1Printed Antenna Arrays I
1989/8/243A2Printed Antennas Arrays II
1989/8/243A3Array Antennas
1989/8/243A4Array Antenna Beam Forming
1989/8/243B1Mobile Antenna
1989/8/243B2On Board Antenna
1989/8/243B3Aperture Antennas I
1989/8/243B4Aperture Antennas II
1989/8/243C1Very Small Earth Station Antennas for Satellite Communications and Broadcasting
1989/8/243C2Scattering and Diffraction II
1989/8/243C3Scattering and Diffraction III
1989/8/243C4Transient Fields
1989/8/243D1Propagation in Ionosphere
1989/8/243D2Earth-Space Propagation
1989/8/243D3Indoor and Urban Propagation
1989/8/243D4Radio Meteorology
1989/8/254A1Antennas and Propagation for Mobile Radio System Design I
1989/8/254A2Antennas and Propagation for Mobile Radio System Design II
1989/8/254A3Broad Band Antennas
1989/8/254A4Antenna Design
1989/8/254B1Antenna Measurements I
1989/8/254B2Antenna Measurements II
1989/8/254B3Antenna Measurements III
1989/8/254B4Multiple Beam Antennas
1989/8/254C1Random Medium I
1989/8/254C2Random Medium II
1989/8/254C3Analytic and Numerical Techniques I
1989/8/254C4Analytic and Numerical Techniques II
1989/8/254D1Remote Sensing III. Atmospheric Particles and Snow
1989/8/254D2Tropospheric Propagation II
1989/8/254D3Ionospheric and Terrestrial Propagation