1996 International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation (ISAP1996)

event date session num session
1996/9/241A2Invited Talks (1), (2)
1996/9/241A3Scattering and Diffraction (1)
1996/9/241A4Scattering and Diffraction (2)
1996/9/241B3Reflector and Lens Antennas (1)
1996/9/241B4Reflector and Lens Antennas (2)
1996/9/241C3Small Antennas
1996/9/241C4Optical Technology in Antennas
1996/9/241D3Phased Arrays
1996/9/241D4Array Antennas (1)
1996/9/241E3Propagation for Wideband Digital Mobile/Indoor Communication Systems (1)
1996/9/241E4Propagation for Wideband Digital Mobile/Indoor Communication Systems (2)
1996/9/252A1Invited Talk (3)
1996/9/252A2Inverse Problems and Inverse Scattering (1)
1996/9/252A3Inverse Problems and Inverse Scattering (2)
1996/9/252B2Waveguides (1)
1996/9/252B3Tropospheric and Terrestrial Propagation
1996/9/252C2Antenna Feeds
1996/9/252C3Satellite Communication Antennas
1996/9/252D2Mobile Base Station Antennas
1996/9/252D3Handy-phone Antennas
1996/9/252E2Microwave Power Transmission Technologies (1)
1996/9/252E3Microwave Power Transmission Technologies (2)
1996/9/263A1Invited Talk (4)
1996/9/263A2Transients and Time Domain Methods
1996/9/263A3Waveguides (2)
1996/9/263A4Waveguides (3)
1996/9/263B2Noise and EM Radiation from Lines and Circuits
1996/9/263B3Ionospheric Propagation
1996/9/263B4Ionospheric and Magnetospheric Propagation
1996/9/263C2Adaptive and Signal Processing Techniques (1)
1996/9/263C3Adaptive and Signal Processing Techniques (2)
1996/9/263C4Adaptive and Signal Processing Techniques (3)
1996/9/263D2Array Antennas (2)
1996/9/263D3Microstrip Antennas (2)
1996/9/263D4Microstrip Antennas (3)
1996/9/263E2Emerging Technologies in Remote Sensing (1)
1996/9/263E3Emerging Technologies in Remote Sensing (2)
1996/9/263E4Recent Developments in Computational Electromagnetics
1996/9/274A1High Frequency Techniques (1)
1996/9/274A2High Frequency Techniques (2)
1996/9/274A3Canonical Problems
1996/9/274A4Random Media and Rough Surfaces
1996/9/274B1Antenna Measurements
1996/9/274B2Antenna Design and Analysis (1)
1996/9/274B3Remote Sensing and Polarimetry (1)
1996/9/274B4Remote Sensing and Polarimetry (2)
1996/9/274C1Propagation for Mobile Communications (1)
1996/9/274C2Propagation for Mobile Communications (2)
1996/9/274C3Polarization Characteristics and Its Control
1996/9/274C4Antenna Design and Analysis (2)
1996/9/274D1Wavelets in Electromagnetics
1996/9/274D2Numerical Techniques
1996/9/274D3Antennas and Propagation for Mobile Satellite Communication Systems (1)
1996/9/274D4Antennas and Propagation for Mobile Satellite Communication System (2)
1996/9/274E1Integrated and Millimeter-wave Antennas (1)
1996/9/274E2Integrated and Millimeter-wave Antennas (2)
1996/9/274E3Bioeffects and Biomedical Use (1)
1996/9/274E4Bioeffects and Biomedical Use (2)
1996/9/27POS-A1Slot Antennas
1996/9/27POS-A2Broadband and Multifrequency Antennas
1996/9/27POS-A3Microstrip Antennas (1)
1996/9/27POS-E1Scattering and Diffraction (3)
1996/9/27POS-E2Scattering and Diffraction (4)
1996/9/27POS-P1Earth-space Propagation
1996/9/27POS-P2System Studies of Antennas and Propagation