International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation ISAP 2010

number title/author
3TC4-1Pattern Synthesis of a Waveguide Slot Array Antenna for a Fixed Wireless Access System
Teppei Tanabe, Miao Zhang, Jiro Hirokawa, Makoto Ando,
3TC4-2Design of a broadband and high gain antenna with an inhomogeneous and uni-period structure for Ku-band applications
Jui-Hung Chen, Chun-Yih Wu, Ta-Chun Pu, Hung-Hsuan Lin,
3TC4-3Multi-band Dipole Antenna Incorporated with Single-band Square-patch AMC
M. Abu, M.K.A. Rahim, F. Ismail, S.H. S. Ariffin, S.K.S. Yusof, M. R. Kamarudin,
3TC4-4Comparative Study of Different Shape of Periodic Patch Electromagnetic Band Gap Structure for Planar Antenna Application
O. Ayop, M.K.A Rahim, M.R Kamarudin, S.H.S Arifin, S.K.S Yusof,
3TC4-5A Leaky-Wave Antenna Using a Composite Right/Left Handed Transmission Line
Tommy Wong, Chi Hou Chan, Quan Xue,
3TC4-6SAR Reduction on a Portable Device Using an Intelligent Metamaterial
Hsin-Lung Su, Yi-Jen Wang, Ken-Huang Lin, Chin-Yih Wu, Hung-Hsuan Lin,