International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation ISAP 2010

number title/author
4FB4-1Reconfigurable BeFoL Antenna
H. Nakano, Y. Ogino, J. Yamauchi,
4FB4-2Multifunction Automobile Antennas ─ Conformal, Thin, with Diversity, and Smart
Johnson J. H. Wang, David J. Triplett,
4FB4-3The Effect of the Mutual Coupling on a Small Reconfigurable Patch Antenna
Hattan F. AbuTarboush, R. Nilavalan,
4FB4-4Design of Frequency-Agile Microstrip Antennas with Conical-Beam Radiation
Jia-Fu Tsai, Jeen-Sheen Row,
4FB4-5Experimental Investigation of Reconfigurable Harmonic Suppressed Fractal Dipole Antenna
S. A. Hamzah, M. Esa, N. N. N. A. Malik,