ISAP 2005

event date session num session
2005/08/031A1EMC/EMI I
2005/08/031A2[Special Session] MIMO I
2005/08/031A3[Special Session] MIMO II
2005/08/031B1Waveguide Structures
2005/08/031B2Microstrip Antennas I
2005/08/031B3Microstrip Antennas II
2005/08/031C1Mobile and Indoor Propagation I
2005/08/031C2Time Domain Techniques I
2005/08/031C3Time Domain Techniques II
2005/08/031D1Active and Integrated Antennas
2005/08/031D2Reflector and Lens Antennas
2005/08/031D3Adaptive Array I
2005/08/031E2[Special Session] Antenna Measurements I
2005/08/031E3[Special Session] Recent Advances of DOA Technologies
2005/08/031PTPlenary Talk 1
2005/08/042B1Handset Antennas I
2005/08/042B2Handset Antennas II
2005/08/042B3Multi-Band and Wideband Antennas I
2005/08/042C1Computational Electromagnetics
2005/08/042C2Propagation and Remote Sensing
2005/08/042C3Theoretical and Analytical Methods
2005/08/042D1Periodic and Band-Gap Structures
2005/08/042D2Biological and Medical Applications
2005/08/042D3 [Special Session] Metamaterials and Applications
2005/08/042E1Adaptive Array II
2005/08/042E2[Special Session] Adaptive Array III
2005/08/042E3Array Antennas I
2005/08/042POS-AAntennas and Related Topics
2005/08/042POS-BPropagation and Related Topics
2005/08/042POS-CElectromagnetic Wave Theory
2005/08/042POS-DSystems and Related Topics
2005/08/042PTPlenary Talk 2
2005/08/053A1Array Antennas II
2005/08/053A2UWB Antennas I
2005/08/053A3UWB Antennas II
2005/08/053A4Microstrip Antennas III
2005/08/053B1Multi-Band and Wideband Antennas II
2005/08/053B2Small Antennas I
2005/08/053B3[Special Session] Small Antennas II
2005/08/053B4[Special Session] RFID Antennas
2005/08/053C1Inverse Problems
2005/08/053C2Scattering and Diffraction
2005/08/053C3Mobile and Indoor Propagation II
2005/08/053C4Antenna-Related Topics
2005/08/053D1Millimeter Wave Technology
2005/08/053D2[Special Session] Terahertz Wave Technology
2005/08/053D3Slot Antennas
2005/08/053D4Earth-Space and Terrestrial Propagation
2005/08/053E1Antenna Measurements II
2005/08/053E2EMC/EMI II
2005/08/053E3System-Related Topics I
2005/08/053E4System-Related Topics II