International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation ISAP 2008

event date session num session
2008/10/271ASAR Polarimetry and Interferometry
2008/10/271B01Microwave Cirtuits 1
2008/10/271B02Microwave Circuits 2
2008/10/271C01Printed antennas for WLAN/WiMAX applications
2008/10/271C02Devices and circuits for antenna applications
2008/10/271C03Development and research of slot waveguide array
2008/10/271C04Dual-band and wideband slot antennas
2008/10/271C05Antenna arrays
2008/10/271C06A006-Millimeter wave and submillimeter wave antennas
2008/10/271D01Communication System
2008/10/271IS01ACurrent Analysis Techniques Related to Antennas & Propagation1
2008/10/271IS01BCurrent Analysis Techniques Related to Antennas & Propagation2
2008/10/271SC01Short cource 1
2008/10/271SC02Short cource 2
2008/10/282A01Mobile and Indoor Propogation 1
2008/10/282A02Mobile and Indoor Propogation 2
2008/10/282A03Mobile and Indoor Propogation 3
2008/10/282A04Mobile and Indoor Propogation 4
2008/10/282B03Complex/ Artificial Media and Metamaterials
2008/10/282B04Computational and Electromagnetics 1
2008/10/282B05Computational and Electromagnetics 2
2008/10/282B06TP04-02 Computational and Electromagnetics 3
2008/10/282C07Antenna design using Metamaterials
2008/10/282C08Wideband microstrip antennas and array
2008/10/282C09Beamforming and switch beam antenna array
2008/10/282C10Microstrip antennas for wireless applications
2008/10/282C11UWB antennas I
2008/10/282C12MIMO systems and applications
2008/10/282C13Small and wearable antennas
2008/10/282C14UWB antennas II
2008/10/282C15Adaptive and smart antennas I
2008/10/282C16Dual-band and multi-band Microstrip antennas
2008/10/282C17UWB antennas and systems
2008/10/282C18Adaptive and smart antennas III
2008/10/282D02Biological Effects and Medical Applications
2008/10/282D03High Power Microwave Applications
2008/10/282D04UWB and Impulse Radio 1
2008/10/282D05UWB and Impulse Radio 2
2008/10/282SC03Short course 3
2008/10/282SC04Short course 4
2008/10/282SS01ASpecial Session on RFID 1: Antenna and Propagation
2008/10/282SS01cSpecial Session on RFID 3
2008/10/282SS01dSpecial Session on RFID 4
2008/10/293A05Mobile Channel Characterization and Modeling 1
2008/10/293A06Mobile Channel Characterization and Modeling 2
2008/10/293A07Earth Space and Terrestrial Propagation 1
2008/10/293A08Earth Space and Terrestrial Propagation 2
2008/10/293B07Periodic and Band Gap Structures 1
2008/10/293B08Periodic and Band Gap Structures 2
2008/10/293B09Scattering and Diffraction 1
2008/10/293B10Scattering and Diffraction 2
2008/10/293C19Compact Antenna for wireless applications
2008/10/293C20Mobile antenna designs and measurements
2008/10/293C21Antenna Measurement I
2008/10/293C22Dual-band and broadband antennas
2008/10/293C23Base station antennas and its characteristics
2008/10/293C24Antenna Measurement II
2008/10/293C25Dipole antenna for wireless systems
2008/10/293C26Wideband and broadband antennas
2008/10/293C27Reflector/Lens antennas and feeds-I
2008/10/293C28Feeding circuits and array antennas
2008/10/293C29Antenna and array for WLAN application
2008/10/293C30Reflector/Lens antennas and feeds-II
2008/10/293D06Chip Level Electromagnetic Phenomena - interconnection & Packaging
2008/10/293D07Radio Technologies for intelligent Transport Systems
2008/10/293D08EMC/ EMI Simulations and Measurements 1
2008/10/293D09EMC/ EMI Simulations and Measurements 2
2008/10/293IS02AAntenna and RFID Measurement Techniques 1
2008/10/293IS02BAntenna and RFID Measurement Techniques 2
2008/10/304A09Earth Space and Terrestrial Propagation 3
2008/10/304A10Remote Sensing 1
2008/10/304A11Remote Sensing 2
2008/10/304A12Remote Sensing 3
2008/10/304B11Theoretical Electromagnetics and Analytical Methods
2008/10/304B12High Frequency Techniques
2008/10/304B13Inverse Problems
2008/10/304B14Wave Guiding Structures
2008/10/304C31Patch antenna for applications
2008/10/304C32Potable antennas
2008/10/304C33Antenna and Array
2008/10/304C34Mobile antennas
2008/10/304C35Microwave and millimeter wave antennas
2008/10/304C36Phase arrays and antenna arrays
2008/10/304C37Printed Monopole anttenas for Wireless systems
2008/10/304C38Antenna and Array Design
2008/10/304D10RFID and Applications 1
2008/10/304D11RFID and Applications 1
2008/10/304IS06aSmall and Mobile Antennas 1
2008/10/304IS06bSmall and Mobile Antennas 2