2007 International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation (ISAP2007)

event date session num session
2007/8/211A1Plenary Session (1)
2007/8/211A2Plenary Session (2)
2007/8/211A3Luncheon Session
2007/8/211A4Broadband Antennas
2007/8/211A5Circularly Polarized Planar Antennas
2007/8/211B4Antenna Measurements
2007/8/211B5EMC and EMI
2007/8/211C4Millimeter-wave Antennas
2007/8/211C5Millimeter-wave Technologies
2007/8/211D4Mobile and Indoor Propagation I
2007/8/211D5Mobile and Indoor Propagation II
2007/8/211E4Scattering and Diffractions I
2007/8/211E5Scattering and Diffractions II
2007/8/222A1Broadband and Multi-band Antennas and Applications I
2007/8/222A2Broadband and Multi-band Antennas and Applications II
2007/8/222A3Broadband and Multi-band Antennas and Applications III
2007/8/222A4Broadband and Multi-band Antennas and Applications IV
2007/8/222B1Computational Antenna Design I
2007/8/222B2Computational Antenna Design II
2007/8/222B3Array Antennas and Feeding Circuits
2007/8/222B4Waveguide and Slot Antennas
2007/8/222C1Patch and Printed Antennas
2007/8/222C2Dielectric Antennas
2007/8/222C3On-body Wireless Communications
2007/8/222C4Medical Applications and Biological Effects
2007/8/222D1Terrestrial and Earth-Space Propagation I
2007/8/222D2Terrestrial and Earth-Space Propagation II
2007/8/222D3DOA Estimation
2007/8/222D4Remote Sensing
2007/8/222E1Computational Electromagnetics I
2007/8/222E2Computational Electromagnetics II
2007/8/222E3Computational Electromagnetics III
2007/8/222E4Electromagnetic Analysis and Experiment for Antennas
2007/8/233A1RFID and Applications I
2007/8/233A2RFID and Applications II
2007/8/233A3RFID and Applications III
2007/8/233B1Solar Power Satellite Technologies
2007/8/233B2Antenna Optimization and Applications I
2007/8/233B3Antenna Optimization and Applications II
2007/8/233C1Integrated and Smart Antennas
2007/8/233C2Adaptive Antennas for MIMO/OFDM Systems
2007/8/233C3Diversity and Adaptive Beamforming Systems
2007/8/233D1SAR Polarimetry and Interferometry I
2007/8/233D2SAR Polarimetry and Interferometry II
2007/8/233D3SAR Polarimetry and Interferometory III
2007/8/233E1Periodic Structures I
2007/8/233E2Periodic Structures II
2007/8/23POS1Poster Session
2007/8/23POS2Student Paper Contest
2007/8/244A1Antennas for Portable Terminals
2007/8/244A2Antennas for WLAN Systems
2007/8/244A3Antenna Optimization and Enhancement
2007/8/244B1Radar Technologies I
2007/8/244B2Radar Technologies II
2007/8/244B3Phased Array Technologies
2007/8/244B4Reflector and Reflect Array Technologies
2007/8/244C1Antennas and Propagation related MIMO Technologies I
2007/8/244C2Antennas and Propagation related MIMO Technologies II
2007/8/244C3Antennas and Propagation related MIMO Technologies III
2007/8/244C4Antennas and Propagation related MIMO Technologies IV
2007/8/244D1Terrestrial and Earth-Space Propagation III
2007/8/244D2Ionospheric Propagation
2007/8/244E1EBG and Metamaterials I
2007/8/244E2EBG and Metamaterials II
2007/8/244E3EBG and Metamaterials III
2007/8/244E4EBG and Metamaterials IV