The 2011 International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation

event date session num session
2011/10/26WeA1A09. Reflector/Lens Antennas and Feeds
2011/10/26WeA2SE05. Subwavelength Optics
2011/10/26WeA3SE08. Metamaterial and Application
2011/10/26WeB1A12. MIMO Antennas
2011/10/26WeB2SE02. EMI/EMC of Wireless Power (Energy) Transmission
2011/10/26WeB3SF03. Recent Advances in RFID and USN Related Antenna Technologies
2011/10/26WeC1A11. Mobile and Base Station Antennas
2011/10/26WeC2SF01. Subsurface Sensing by Ground-Penetrating and Borehole Radars
2011/10/26WeC3SD01. High Power Microwave Applications
2011/10/26WeD1A02. Active and Integrated Antennas
2011/10/26WeD2SB02. Mobile Channel Characterization and Modeling
2011/10/26WeD3SF02. Reconfi gurable Antennas
2011/10/26WeE1B01. Mobile and Indoor Propagation
2011/10/26WeE2B02. Mobile Channel Characterization and Modeling
2011/10/26WeE3A01. Microstrip and Printed Antennas
2011/10/26WeF1C. Electromagnetic Wave Theory
2011/10/26WeF2C06. Random Media and Rough Surfaces
2011/10/26WeF3A01. Microstrip and Printed Antennas
2011/10/26WeG1E01. Wireless Energy Transmission
2011/10/26WeG2E01. Wireless Energy Transmission
2011/10/26WeG3A03. Array Antennas, Phased Arrays and Feeding Circuits
2011/10/27ThA1SE03.Terahertz Devices
2011/10/27ThA2SE04.Terahertz Applications
2011/10/27ThB1SF04.Metamaterial and EBG Antennas
2011/10/27ThB2SF05.Spectrum Engineering Technologies
2011/10/27ThC1SB06.Remote Sensing
2011/10/27ThC2SB01.Mobile and Indoor Propagation
2011/10/27ThD1A05.Adaptive and Smart Antennas
2011/10/27ThD2A05.Adaptive and Smart Antennas
2011/10/27ThD3A04.Small Antennas
2011/10/27ThE1B06.Remote Sensing
2011/10/27ThE2B04.Earth-Space and Terrestrial Propagation
2011/10/27ThE3A03.Array Antennas,Phased Arrays and Feeding Circuits
2011/10/27ThF1C07.Scattering and Diffraction
2011/10/27ThF2C07.Scattering and Diffraction
2011/10/27ThG1E08.Metamaterial and Application
2011/10/27ThG2E08.Metamaterial and Application
2011/10/27ThG3D03.UWB and Impulse Radio
2011/10/28FrA1SE07. MIMO System
2011/10/28FrA2SE01. Wireless Energy Transmission
2011/10/28FrA3SE09. Biological Effects and Medical Application of EM Wave
2011/10/28FrA4A06. Multiband/Wideband Antennas
2011/10/28FrB1SE12. Electromagnetic and RF Engineering Education
2011/10/28FrB2SE11. Basic Measurement Technology in RF and Microwaves
2011/10/28FrB3SE10. Antenna Measurements
2011/10/28FrB4A06. Multiband/Wideband Antennas
2011/10/28FrC1C. Electromagnetic Wave Theory
2011/10/28FrC2SD06. Radio Technologies for Intelligent Transport Systems
2011/10/28FrC3SD06. Radio Technologies for Intelligent Transport Systems
2011/10/28FrC4A15. Others
2011/10/28FrD1A07. Slot Antennas
2011/10/28FrD2A08. Millimeter Wave and Sub-Millimeter Wave Antennas
2011/10/28FrD3A11. Mobile and Base Station Antennas
2011/10/28FrD4A14. RFID
2011/10/28FrE1B. Propagation and Related Topics
2011/10/28FrE2C09. Periodic and Band-Gap Structures
2011/10/28FrE3E09. Biological Effects and Medical Application of EM Wave
2011/10/28FrE4A13. UWB Antennas
2011/10/28FrF1E10. Antenna Measurements
2011/10/28FrF2E07. MIMO System
2011/10/28FrF3E10. Antenna Measurements
2011/10/28FrF4D. Systems and Other Related Topics
2011/10/28FrP1Poster I
2011/10/28FrP2Poster II