International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation ISAP 2010

number title/author
3TD1-1Modified decomposition technique for polarimetric SAR image analysis
Toshifumi Moriyama, Hiroaki Matsushita,
3TD1-2Optimization of STC for Collecting Terrain Information
Sang-Ik Lee, Byeong-Yong Park, Soon-Gyu Yi, Seong-Ook Park,
3TD1-3Extraction of Underwater Laver Cultivation Area by SAR Polarimetric Entropy
E.S. Won, K. Ouchi,
3TD1-4Polarimetric SAR Observation in Non-Spherical Rain Drop Environments
Hiroaki Yasuma, Hajime Fukuchi,
3TD1-5Highly Integrated Uniplanar Rectenna Operation Without Reflecting Plate for 2.45 GHz Wireless Power Transmission
Fang Zhang, Jong-Chul Lee,