the 2011 International Symposium on Nonlinear Theory and its Applications

event date session num session
2011/9/5A0L-HPlenary Talk 1
2011/9/5A1L-ANonlinear Mechanical Systems
2011/9/5A1L-BCommunication Science 1
2011/9/5A1L-DComplex Networks and Systems 1
2011/9/5A1L-EDynamics in Living Organisms: from Cell to the Brain
2011/9/5A2L-AVerified Numerical Computations for Linear and Nonlinear Problems
2011/9/5A2L-BCommunication Science 2
2011/9/5A2L-CNonlinear Analysis and Control of Electric Power Systems
2011/9/5A2L-DComplex Networks and Systems 2
2011/9/5A2L-EModeling and Its Application in Neural Dynamics 1
2011/9/5A3L-AChaos and Bifurcation 1
2011/9/5A3L-BCommunication Science 3
2011/9/5A3L-CApplied Topology 1
2011/9/5A3L-DOscillation and Oscillators
2011/9/5A3L-EModeling and Its Application in Neural Dynamics 2
2011/9/5A4L-AChaos and Bifurcation 2
2011/9/5A4L-BCommunication Science 4
2011/9/5A4L-CApplied Topology 2
2011/9/5A4L-DModeling and Simulation
2011/9/5A4L-EHuman Interaction and Image Signal Processing
2011/9/6B0L-HPlenary Talk 2
2011/9/6B1L-ABifurcations, Synchronizations, and Challenging Applications 1
2011/9/6B1L-BCommunication Science 5
2011/9/6B1L-CCoupled Oscillatory Cicruits and Networks 1
2011/9/6B1L-DNeural Networks 1
2011/9/6B2L-ABifurcations, Synchronizations, and Challenging Applications 1
2011/9/6B2L-BApplied Mathematics
2011/9/6B2L-CCoupled Oscillatory Cicruits and Networks 2
2011/9/6B2L-DNeural Networks 2
2011/9/6B3L-AChaos Engineering and Synchronization
2011/9/6B3L-BImage and Signal Processing 1
2011/9/6B3L-CCoupled Oscillatory Cicruits and Networks 3
2011/9/6B3L-DParticle SwarmOptimization Algorithmand Its Applications 1
2011/9/6B4L-AComplex Network Systems
2011/9/6B4L-BImage and Signal Processing 2
2011/9/6B4L-CCoupled Oscillatory Cicruits and Networks 4
2011/9/6B4L-DParticle SwarmOptimization Algorithmand Its Applications 2
2011/9/7C0L-HPlenary Talk 3
2011/9/7C1L-AUnfolding Numerical Analysis of Bifurcation Phenomena 1
2011/9/7C1L-BSynchronization, Consistency, and Communication 1
2011/9/7C1L-CEnergy Localized Vibrations in Nonlinear Lattices
2011/9/7C1L-DAnalysis and Control of Complex Physical Systems 1
2011/9/7C2L-AUnfolding Numerical Analysis of Bifurcation Phenomena 2
2011/9/7C2L-BSynchronization, Consistency, and Communication 2
2011/9/7C2L-CNonlinear Time Series Analysis 1
2011/9/7C2L-DAnalysis and Control of Complex Physical Systems 2
2011/9/7C3L-BSynchronization, Consistency, and Communication 3
2011/9/7C3L-CNonlinear Time Series Analysis 2