the 2011 International Symposium on Nonlinear Theory and its Applications

number title/author
C1L-B1Community structure embedded in neuronal network
Masaori Shimono, John M. Beggs,
C1L-B2Consistency in neuronal avalanche induced by spike-timing-dependent plasticity
Shuhei Ohno, Hideyuki Kato, Kantaro Fujiwara, Tohru Ikeguchi,
C1L-B3Consistency and synchronization in a delay-coupled neuronal network with synaptic plasticity
Toni Perez, Atsushi Uchida, Claudio R. Mirasso,
C1L-B4A novel experimental approach for information processing in photonics
M. C. Soriano, D. Brunner, L. Appeltant, C. R. Mirasso, I. Fischer, L. Larger,