the 2011 International Symposium on Nonlinear Theory and its Applications

number title/author
A1L-E1Emergence of macroscopic simplicity from the Tumor Necrosis Factor-alpha signaling dynamics
Kentaro Hayashi, Vincent Piras, Masaru Tomita, Masa Tsuchiya, Kumar Selvarajoo,
A1L-E2Collective fluctuations are crucial for global biological response
Masa Tsuchiya, Vincent Piras, Masaru Tomita, Kumar Selvarajoo,
A1L-E3Multiple time-scale neurodynamics: singular perturbation, canard and chaos
Shinji Doi,
A1L-E4Binocular Rivalry: A Key Phenomenon to understand Temporal Dynamics of Conscious Perception
Tetsuo Kobayashi,