ISAP 2015

number title/author
S4.12.1A Partial-Reflective-Metasurface-Based Fabry-Perot Cavity Antenna
Jiaran Qi, Shanshan Xiao, Chang Liu,
S4.12.2A Composite EBG Resonator Antenna with a Sparse Array Feed
Affan Aziz Baba, Raheel M. Hashmi, Karu P. Esselle,
S4.12.3Experimental Investigation on High Efficiency Decoupling Using Tunable Metamaterials
Liang Zhang, Zhengyong Song, Longfang Ye, Yanhui Liu, Qing H. Liu,
S4.12.4Magnetic Resonance Type Selective Wireless Power Transfer Using Two Transmission Resonators with Phase Difference
Yoshihiro Fukushima, Eisuke Nishiyama, Ichihiko Toyoda,
S4.12.5Comparative Study and Analysis of High Permittivity and Low Permittivity Continuous Phase Correcting Structures for EBG Resonator Antennas
Muhammad U. Afzal, Karu P. Esselle,
S4.12.6Analysis of Nonlinear Left-Handed Transmission Lines Using State Space Modelling
Sameh Y. Elnaggar, G. N. Milford ,
S4.12.7Multi-layer FSS for Gain Improvement of a Wide-Band Stacked Printed Antenna
Shashibhushan Kumar, Lalithendra Kurra, Mahesh Abegaonkar, Ananjan Basu, Shiban K Koul ,