The 2020 International Conference on Emerging Technologies for Communications

number title/author
E4-1Route suggestion for vehicles inspired by the cognitive process of a human brain and its relation to predictive control of communication networks
Yuichi Ohsita, Masayuki Murata,
E4-2New Disaster Detection Method with Integration of Sensor Information and Human Detection for Emergency Rescue Evacuation Support System (ERESS)
Yuta Kanayama, Tomotaka Wada, Kazuhiro Ohtsuki,
E4-3A route searching method using two-dimension coordinates
Manami Ogawa, Syunsuke Kanai, Satoshi Suzuki, Kenichi Tayama,
E4-4Technology to Counter Online Flaming Based on the Frequency-Dependent Damping Coefficient in the Oscillation Model
Shinichi Kikuchi, Chisa Takano, Masaki Aida,