Asia-Pacific Conference on Communications


Session Number:15-PM1-D



A Novel Pilot Pattern Design Criterion for Compressed Sensing-based Sparse Channel Estimation in OFDM Systems

Yuh-Ren Tsai,  Chien Ming Chu,  Hao-Yun Huang,  


Publication Date:2015/10/14

Online ISSN:2188-5079


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In orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) systems, the compressed sensing (CS) technology was proposed for pilot-based sparse channel estimation to improve the bandwidth efficiency and/or estimation performance. The design of pilot patterns plays an important role for CS-based channel estimation. Conventionally, the CS-based pilot pattern design is based on the criterion of minimizing the mutual coherence of the corresponding measurement matrix. In this work, we investigate the relation between a pilot pattern and the corresponding measurement matrix, and derive a new and tighter upper bound of reconstruction error for CS-based channel estimation. According to the upper bound, we propose a new criterion for pilot pattern design in order to achieve better estimation performance. Based on the simulation results, the pilot pattern based on the proposed criterion improves the estimation performance with a gain between 1.5 dB to 2.5 dB in normalized mean square error (NMSE).