ISAP 2014

number title/author
WE1A_01A New Compact Test Range for Satellite Antenna Measurements
Richard Liu, Ike Lin, Joseph Liang, Richard Lin,
WE1A_02Far field Antenna Factor Estimation for a Single Antenna Measurement Using Time Frequency Analysis
Satoru Kurokawa, Masanobu Hirose,
WE1A_03Transmission Loss Through Reinforced Concrete Between 30 and 2400 MHz
Thierry Gilles, Ghilkrist Afomasse,
WE1A_04VHF/UHF band antenna measurement using return loss compensation
Chufeng Hu, Nanjing Li, Weijun Chen,
WE1A_05Investigation on Spectrum Estimation Extrapolation Method of Antenna Measurement
Weijun Chen, Nanjing Li, Jiao Dang, Ning Liu, Chufeng Hu,