ISAP 2014

number title/author
TH3D_01Small-Size Triple-Wideband LTE Tablet Device Antenna with Circuit-Based Wideband Feed Structure
Tseng-Wei Weng, Kin-Lu Wong,
TH3D_02Small-size Dual-Antenna with π-Shape Grounded Strip for LTE Tablet Device
Po-Wei Lin, Kin-Lu Wong ,
TH3D_03Internal Two-PIFA System with Comparable Polarization Radiation for Metal Back Cover Tablet
Saou-Wen Su, Fang-Hsien Chu, Damer Lin,
TH3D_04A Low SAR WWAN Antenna Design
Shih-Chi Lai, Chi-Ming Chiang, Chia-Lun Tang,
TH3D_05Dual-Band Slot Antenna Suitable for Ultrabook Application with Metal Housing
Fu-Ren Hsiao, Li-Jyuan Huang,