ISAP 2015

number title/author
S3.12.1Prototype Evaluation of a Beam Tracking Antenna Using Magic-T
Rimi Rashid, Eisuke Nishiyama, Ichihiko Toyoda,
S3.12.2Effect of the Material and Geometry Parameters on the Differential Phase Shift in the Circular Waveguide, Containing a Ferrite Cylinder with Azimuthal Magnetization and a Dielectric Toroid
Mariana Nikolova Georgieva?Grosse, Georgi Nikolov Georgiev,
S3.12.3A General Design Method for Band-pass Post Filters in Rectangular Waveguide and Substrate Integrated Waveguide
Cheng Zhao, Christophe Fumeaux, Thomas Kaufmann, Yingbo Zhu, Ali K. Horestani, Cheng-Chew Lim,
S3.12.4Compact Ultra-Wideband Balun Filter and Its Quasi-Yagi Antenna Application
Li Yang, Wai-Wa Choi, Kam-Weng Tam,
S3.12.5Parallel-Coupled Line Bandpass Filter Design Using Different Substrates for Fifth Generation Wireless Communication Applications
Nadera Najib Al-Areqi, Norhudah Seman, Tharek Abdul Rahman,
S3.12.6Miniaturized Directional Filter Multiplexer for Band Separation in UWB Antenna Systems
Jakub Sorocki, Ilona Piekarz, Slawomir Gruszczynski, Krzysztof Wincza,
S3.12.7Parametric Analysis of a Band-Pass FSS for Double Glazed Soft-Coated Energy Saving Glass
Shahid Habib, Muhammad Fasih Uddin Butt, Ghaffer I. Kiani,