The 2013 International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation

number title/author
FP-1(B)-1Inversion of the dielectric constant from the copolarized ratio and the co-polarized discrimination ratio of the scattering coefficient
Yuanyuan Zhang, Yaqing Li, Zhensen Wu, Xiaobing Wang,
FP-1(B)-2Microwave Radiation Image Reconstruction Based on Combined TV and Haar Basis
Lu Zhu, Jiangfeng Liu, Yuanyuan Liu,
FP-1(B)-3Imaging of object in the presence of rough surface using scattered electromagnetic field data
Pengju Yang, Lixin Guo, Chungang Jia,
FP-1(B)-4A Simple and Accurate Model for Radar Backscattering from Vegetation-covered Surfaces
Yisok Oh, Soon-Gu Kweon,
FP-1(B)-5The Analysis of Sea Clutter Statistics Characteristics Based On the Observed Sea Clutter of Ku-Band Radar
Zhuo Chen, Xianzu Liu, Zhensen Wu, Xiaobing Wang,