International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation ISAP 2006

number title/author
2D2b-1Experimental Estimation of Cooling Effect due to Blood Flow in a Thick Blood Vessel
Atsushi HIROE, Kazuyuki SAITO, Masaharu TAKAHASHI, Koichi ITO,
2D2b-2A Uniform Asymptotic Analysis for Transient Scattered Fields by a Cylindrically Curved Open Surface with Varying Radius of Curvature
Keiji Goto, Toshihide Ajiki, Toru Kawano, Toyohiko Ishihara,
2D2b-3An Approximate Solution in Spectral Domain for Plane Wave Scattering by a Thick Half-Plane
Mayumi NAKAGAWA, Hironori FUJII, Kazunori UCHIDA,
2D2b-4Solution of Combined Field Volume Integral Equation using Adaptive Integral Method
Wei-Bin EWE, Er-Ping LI, Le-Wei LI,
2D2b-5Scattering of Electromagnetic Waves by Inhomogeneous Dielectric Gratings Loaded with Three Perfectly Conducting Strips
Tsuneki Yamasaki, Tatsunori Ujiie, Takashi Hinata,