International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation ISAP 2008

number title/author
2D03-1A Dual-Band Low-Noise Amplifier with Controllable Gain
Chia-Hao Chang, Jean-Fu Kiang,
2D03-2Interdigital Transducer for Acoustic-Wave Filter
Chia-Cheng Ho, Jean-Fu Kiang,
2D03-3Performance of a Continuous Fluidized Bed Microwave Paddy Drying System using Applicators with Perpendicular Slots on a Concentric Cylindrical Cavity
C. Sangdao, S. Songsermpong, M. Krairiksh,
2D03-4Numerical Analysis on Efficient Evanescent Resonant Coupling Wireless Power transmission System
Q. Yuan, Q. Chen, L. Li, K. Sawaya,