The 14th Asia-Pacific Conference on Communications

number title/author
1569115917Interframe-Space Control for Fair Throughput Guarantee in Wireless LANs with Hidden Stations
Yun Li, Koichi Nishide, Ryoichi Shinkuma, Tatsuro Takahashi,
1569125597A novel QoS Control Scheme using Random Access Period control for wide area ubiquitous wireless networks
Yoshitaka SHIMIZU, Fusao NUNO, Kazuji WATANABE,
1569125867A Tight Upper Bound Approximation of Loss Ratio in High-Speed Networks Based on Self-Similar Traffic
Armita Afsharinejad, Abolfazl T. Haghighat,
1569126203Admission control in wireless infrastructure networks based on the predicted percentage of delayed packets
Anselm Teh, Aruna Jayasuriya, Peter Pudney,
1569128889Comparison of NGN QoS control Models - distributed or centralized
Jongtae Song, Soon Seok Lee,