Information and Systems-ME and Bio Cybernetics(Date:1999/03/19)



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[Paper #]
Method of determining electrode location for surface electromyography in upper limb movement

Tetsuro Tsujie,  Ryuhei Okuno,  Kenzo Akazawa,  

[Paper #]MBE98-141
A study on multiunit neural recordings with cuff electrodes and classification of nerve action potentials based on multivariate analysis

Hironori Nakatani,  Takashi Watanabe,  Shigeo Ohba,  Ryoko Futami,  Nozomu Hoshimiya,  Yasunobu Handa,  

[Paper #]MBE98-142
Deconposition of surface electromyogram by expansion matching method

Hideo Nakamura,  Kenzo Akazawa,  Ryuhei Okuno,  

[Paper #]MBE98-143
Long-term Monitoring of Physiological Information Detected in Oral Cavity

Haruyuki MINAMITANI,  Yoichiro SUZUKI,  

[Paper #]MBE98-144
Functions ot the Digastic and Posterior Temporalis Muscles in the Control of Temporomandibular Joint Loading : A static Analysis Using a Two-dimensional Rigid-Body-Spring Model

Makoto ABE,  Toyohiko HAYASHI,  Ken-ichi ITOH,  

[Paper #]MBE98-145
A trial system of solid model-based real-time tooth cutting simulator, DecS/1

Tetsuo ABE,  Toyohiko HAYASHI,  Masayuki OTSUKI,  

[Paper #]MBE98-146
Connection and Firing Characteristics between Renshaw Cells and a Motoneurons of Neural Network Model for Muscle Force Control

Takanori Uchiyama,  Kenzo Akazawa,  

[Paper #]MBE98-147
Generation of Locomotory Rhythm Based on the Deterministic Diffusion

Hiroaki SATO,  Tomozumi IKEDA,  Hideo MATSUDA,  Tsuneshi ISOMURA,  

[Paper #]MBE98-148
Analysis of output pulse trains from IPFM with absolute refractory period by using return map

Tokihiro SANO,  Takahide MATSUOKA,  

[Paper #]MBE98-149
Apoptosis-like cell death in cultured cardiac myocytes from neonatal rats

Taiga Satoh,  Yoshiko Yamauchi,  Hideomi Sato,  Koichi Kawahara,  

[Paper #]MBE98-150
The Relation between Modification of Saccadic Dynamic Characteristics and Vigilance Level : Examination by Model Simulation

Tsuyoshi TATEYAMA,  Akinori UENO,  Moriichiro TAKASE,  Haruyuki MINAMITANI,  

[Paper #]MBE98-151
A study on eye movement model based on sensory integration mechanism of visual-vestibular system

Masaaki SATO,  Kazutsuna YAMAJI,  Naohiro TODA,  Shiro USUI,  

[Paper #]MBE98-152
Modeling of the Pupillary Light Reflex Considering the Muscular Physiological Knowledge

Hiroyuki SAKAI,  Kazutsuna YAMAJI,  Shiro USUI,  

[Paper #]MBE98-153
Continuous Dynamic Programming's Application in ECG Recognition

Wei Guo,  Yasuo Horiuchi,  Akira Ichikawa,  

[Paper #]MBE98-154
A reconstruction of acceleration plethysmograph with aging by utilizing a cardiovascular model

Takehiko KAMlNUMA,  Naohiro TODA,  Shiro USUI,  

[Paper #]MBE98-155
Heart Rate Variability related with Mental Stress and Cumulative Fatigue : Assessment of the Autonomic Nervous Functions by Using Neural Networks

Haruyuki MINAMITANI,  Sachio HAYASHI,  Takanobu NAGATA,  

[Paper #]MBE98-156
Bio-signal Analysis when the Linear Acceleration is Added

Nao Fujiwara,  Kiyoko Yokoyama,  Masanori Moyoshi,  Kazuyuki Takata,  

[Paper #]MBE98-157
The Improvement of A Fast Computing Algorithm for 2-D Cardiac Action Potential Propagation

Teruhiko Fuwa,  Akihiko Uchiyama,  Kazuyoshi Sakamoto,  

[Paper #]MBE98-158
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