Pay Per View(PPV)

How to purchase pay-per-view (PPV): How to browse online literature contents,which you do not have permission to browse.

If you would like to browse online literature Article, which you do not have permission, you are able to purchase one by pay-per-view (PPV). The PPV fees are as follows.

Charge system (unit:JPY)

The Journal of the Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers ¥1,100
The IEICE Transactions ¥1,650
Proceedings of the IEICE General/Society Conference ¥1,100
Proceedings of the international Conference ¥1,100

PPV purchase procedure

Select the pay-per-view online literature content you would like to purchase and follow the onscreen instructions. Please note that we will not refund the fee for the contents you have purchased once.

  1. Click "Buy this Article" next to the text: PDF (xxx.xKB) in the content you would like to purchase.
  2. Please confirm the subject you would like to purchase, author name and charge, then click the "Input Purchase Information" button.
  3. Enter your name and e-mail address. You will receive a purchase payment completion e-mail containing the download URL, so please be careful not to enter your e-mail address incorrectly. Click the “Order” button.
  4. Please press the “To card settlement screen” button. The page will be transferred to the card settlement screen (Veritrans Inc.).
  5. Enter your credit card information and click the "To Confirm page" button.
  6. After confirming the input information, please click the "Pay" button.
  7. Please do not forget to click the “Return to Order Website” button when your purchase has completed. Once you click this button, “Purchase Completion of Transaction Online” e-mail will be sent to the entered e-mail address. The download URL is contained in this e-mail.