IEICE Milestone

- Looking back on the achievements of 100 years and connecting to the future -

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the foundation on May 1, 2017, we have selected the distinguished R&D accomplishments that was discussed at the IEICE and had a major impact on the development of our society,life, industry and science and technology as "IEICE Milestone".

A : Engineering Sciences

Fields Accomplishments Item No
Information Theory Sampling Theorem A-1
Computing Method for Communication Channel Capacity A-2
Multiterminal Information Theory A-3
Code Modulation Method A-4
Information Spectrum Theory and Development A-5
Application of Information Theory A-6
Code Theory Reed-Solomon Code and Decoding Method A-7
Weighting Structure of Linear Codes A-8
Algebraic-geometric Codes A-9
Network Error Correction Codes A-10
Secret Dispersion Method by Linear Codes A-11
Algorithm Theory Basic Study of Algorithms A-12
Graph Algorithms A-13
Computational Geometry A-14
Approximation Algorithms A-15
Non-linear Theory Finding of Chaos Phenomenon A-16
Analytical Method for Non-linear Systems A-17
Numerical Calculation Method with Accuracy Assurance A-18
Circuits and Systems Electronic Circuit Theory A-19
Circuit Theory A-20
Transmission Circuit Theory A-21
Circuit and System Theory A-22
Development of Graph-network Theory for Circuits and Information and Communications A-23
Enzyme Transistor Circuits A-24
Signal Processing Digital Signal Processing A-25
LSI Logic Circuit Design Switching Circuit Theory A-26
Relay Circuit Theory A-27
VLSI Design Automation Method A-28
Action Description and Higher Order Logic Synthesis A-29
Clock Wiring Method A-30
System LSI Architecture Design Technology A-31
Elastic Wave Filter Technology Energy Confinement Filters A-32
Surface Acoustic Wave Filters A-33
Acoustic Technology Acoustic Echo Cancellers A-34
New Concept Delta/Sigma Modulation A-35
Neural Circuit Networks which realize Intellectual Study A-36
Information Geometry A-37
Service Engineering A-38
Cognitive Science based on Learning through Actions A-39
Statistical Machine Learning A-40
Ciphers and Information Security Cryptographic Theory/Methods A-41
Cryptanalysis/Security A-42
International Data Encryption Standards A-43
Comprehensive Measures for Information Security A-44

B : Communications

Fields Accomplishments Item No
Lines Triple Play Service using PON B-1
Long Distance Telephone Network with Duplex Loaded Cables and Loading Coils B-2
Long Distance Transmission with Unloaded Cables B-3
Mass Opening of Telephone Networks using PEF-P and CCP Cables in Cities B-4
Switching Crossbar Switching Systems B-5
Electronic Switching Systems B-6
Digital Switching Systems B-7
Communication Network Design Theory B-8
Integrated Nodes B-9
Modeling and Performance Evaluation of Computer Networks B-10
Ultra-high-speed Packet Network and Network Control Technology B-11
Automatic Switching Systems B-12
Automatic Switching Systems B-13
Transmission Multiple Telegraph Systems by Polyphase Displacement Method B-14
Coaxial FDM Transmission Systems B-15
Coaxial PCM Communication Systems B-16
Single Mode Optical Transmission Systems B-17
Digital Coherent Optical Transmission Systems B-18
Terabit WDM Optical Amplification Relay Transmission System B-19
Transmission System using New Synchronous Interface B-20
Optical Frequency Division Multiplexing (Optical FDM) B-21
Photonic Transport Network B-22
10 Terabit-class OTN Basic Technology B-23
Ultra-high-speed OTDM Technology B-24
Optical Soliton Transmission Technology B-25
Optical CDMA Networks B-26
Photo Telegraph Transmitters B-27
Kurosawa Typewriter: Domestic Japanese-language Printing Telegraph B-28
Telex Service Started: Subscriber Telegraph Equipment B-29
Elastic Optical Network Technology B-30
Wireless Space Communication Technology B-31
Telemeters for Observation Rockets B-32
Quasi-millimeter Wave Satellite Communication Technology B-33
20GHz Band Digital Wireless Relay Systems B-34
Low Power Microwave Communication Systems B-35
Fundamental Study of Digital Modulation B-36
Phased Array Antenna B-37
Car Phone Systems B-38
High Sensitivity Radio Telescope Technology B-39
Fundamental Research on Millimeter-wave Technology B-40
Antennas for International Satellite Communications B-41
Antennas and Electromagnetic Radiation in Plasma in Nuclear Fusion B-42
Fundamental Research in the Early Days of Digital Mobile Communications B-43
Digital Mobile Radio for Police B-44
Mobile Satellite Communication Systems B-45
Advanced Technology for Antennas B-46
2nd Generation Digital Mobile Communication Systems B-47
Personal Handy-phone Systems B-48
SS/TDMA Satellite Communication Systems B-49
Broadband Wireless LAN Technology B-50
Mobile FM Multiplex Broadcasting B-51
Spread Spectrum Communication Technology B-52
Advancement of Digital Mobile Radio Technology B-53
Third Generation Digital Mobile Communications
(IMT2000:International Mobile Telecommunication 2000)
Fourth Generation Digital Mobile Communications (LTE: Long Term Evolution) B-55
Microwave Wireless Relay Systems B-56
Pager Technology: First Mass Wireless Service B-57
Yagi-Uda Antenna B-58
Self-complementary Antenna B-59
TYK Wireless Telephone B-60
Mt. Fuji Radar B-61
MU radar B-62
Communication Infrastructure for Multi-purpose Use of Short Range Communication
Yosami Radio Transmitting Station B-64
Advanced Antenna Design Methods B-65
IrDA Standardization B-66
Successful Wireless Photo Transmission between Germany and Japan at the Berlin Olympics, Establishment of Ultra-high Frequency Multiplex Line in Hachijojima, Tokyo (Mt. Fuji Relay) B-67
Phase Modulation Method for Confidential Communication B-68
Study of Ionosphere in Radio Wave Propagation B-69
Ultrasonic Vibration Device B-70
Wireless Multiplex Telephone System using Ultrashort Wave B-71
Information Processing Data Communication System of Regional Banks Association of Japan B-72
Data Communication System of World Expo B-73
Scientific Computation Data Communication System "DEMOS" B-74
International Telex Electronic Exchange System B-75
Electronic Number Guidance Method B-76
OSI Communication System B-77
Intelligent Information Communication System Design Method B-78
International Internet Connection, Construction of Japan's First Portal Site B-79
Line Spectrum Pair (LSP) Method for High Compression Rate Voice Coding B-80
Broadcasting Advanced Technology of Broadcasting System B-81
Television Multiplex Broadcasting System B-82
Ghost Prevention Technology B-83
Television Synchronous Broadcasting System B-84
Satellite Digital Broadcasting B-85
Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting B-86
Next-generation IPTV Technology B-87
Pioneer of TV Technology B-88
Coding Technology and Transmission Equipment of Digital Video B-89
Broadcasting and Communication Cooperation System using HTML5 “Hybridcast” B-90
Direct Satellite Broadcasting Technology B-91
Color TV Signal High Efficiency Digital Transmission Technology B-92
Live-action based Virtual Studios B-93
Advanced Technology Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Technology B-94
Premises Desk Phones B-95
Facsimiles B-96
Communication Standard Equipment B-97
Magnetic Card-type Public Telephones B-98

C : Electronics

Fields Accomplishments Item No
Electronic Materials Growth Technology of Semiconductor Materials C-1
Development of Ultra-clean Chemical Technology and Next-generation Semiconductor Production Technology C-2
Development of Crystal Lattice Defect Direct Viewing Instruments C-3
Semiconductor Passivation Technology C-4
Electronic Parts Invention of Crystal Oscillators C-5
Seminal Study of Electric Discharge Tubes and the Generation of Ultra-high Frequency C-6
Multipole Vacuum Tubes C-7
Pioneering Study on Tunnel Diodes C-8
Study on Static Induction Transistors (SIT) C-9
Proposal of Semiconductor Devices C-10
Anode Split Magnetrons C-11
Mechanical Parts Pioneering Study on 3D Printers C-12
Highly Dependable Reed Switches C-13
Sensor Actuators Basic Research on Semiconductor Ion Sensors C-14

Digital Integrated Circuits
Storage Devices

Pioneering Study on Integrated Circuit Technology C-15
Practical Implementation of Integrated Circuit Technology (Processor, DRAM) C-16
Research and Development of Digital CMOS C-17
Research and Development of Analog CMOS C-18
Concept Construction and Commercialization of Artificial Retina LSI C-19
The World's First Commodification of High-capacity EEPROM and its Development into IC Guard Microcomputers C-20
Development of DVD and Standardization C-21
Magnetic Recording Perpendicular Magnetic Recording C-22
Magnetic Thin Film Memory C-23
Magnetic Recording Technology C-24
1/2-inch Digital VTR C-25
Electron Beam Electron Microscopes C-26
Compound Semiconductor Development of High-Electron-Mobility Transistors (HEMT) C-27
Pioneering Study on Quantum-effect Devices C-28
Microwave Pioneering Study on Broadband Radio Wave Absorbent C-29
Upgrading of Microwave Power Amplifiers C-30
Pioneering Study on Terahertz Wave Radio C-31
Development and Realization of Ultraminiature Wireless IC Tag C-32
Electric Material Measurement Technology C-33
SHF Band Receiver for Satellite Broadcasting C-34
Development of Power Amplifier Modules for Mobile Communication C-35
Development and Realization of Leakage Coaxial Cables C-36
Optical Circuits Pioneering Study on Optical Modulators C-37
Pioneering Study on Optical Integrated Circuits C-38
Research and Development on Planar Lightwave Circuits C-39
Research and Development on Hybrid Optical Integration C-40
Creation of Nano Photonics and Pioneering Study C-41
Light Emitting Elements Development and Realization of Communication Semiconductor Lasers C-42
Pioneering Study on Surface-emitting Semiconductor Lasers C-43
Pioneering Study on Blue Light Emitting Diodes C-44
Optical Fibers Basic Technology of Optical Fibers C-45
Optical Fiber Cabling Technology C-46
Optical Fiber Connection/Connectors C-47
Development of Optical Fibers C-48
Rare-earth-doped Optical Fiber Amplifiers C-49
Electronic Displays Development of Large-sized Screen High-definition Displays C-50
Pioneering Study on Integral Three-dimensional Television C-51
Sensing Detecting Land Mines by Underground Radar Compression Sensing C-52

D : Information and Systems

Fields Accomplishments Item No
Speech Recognition and its Realization Speech Recognition D-1
Practical Realization of Speech Recognition D-2
Speech Synthesis Speech Synthesis D-3
Speech Coding Speech Synthesis D-4
New Development of Speech Technology Development of Speech toward Mobile Terminal D-5
Universal Design of Speech D-6
Acoustic Processing Acoustic Processing D-7
Coding and Standardization of Images Coding of Images D-8
Standardization of Image Coding D-9
High Definition Images High-definition Television D-10
4K Digital Cinema D-11
Image Compression Vector Quantization D-12
Image Coding Image Coding D-13
Intellectual Image Coding D-14
Picture Image Processing Picture Image Processing D-15
Three-dimensional Data Stereoscopic View D-16
3D Digital Archive D-17
Pattern Recognition Pattern Recognition D-18
Character Recognition System D-19
Natural Language Processing Machine Translation D-20
Japanese Language Input D-21
HI in Document Processing D-22
Language Service Infrastructure D-23
Database Database System D-24
High-speed Acoustic/Picture Search Technology D-25
Individual Authentication by Biological Information Fingerprint Authentication D-26
Vein Authentication D-27
Biological Information Processing Biological Information Processing D-28
Privacy Protection Privacy Protection at Mobile Terminals D-29
General-purpose Computers Parametron Computer D-30
From the Dawn of Computers to the Mainframe D-31
Microcomputer Training Kit TK80 D-32
Intel4004 and its Succession Processors D-33
Supercomputers Research and Development of Supercomputers D-34
GRAPE, A Dedicated Supercomputer for Astronomy D-35
Dedicated Computers ELIS/TAO D-36
Signal Processing/Picture Processing Processors D-37
Local Parallel Picture Processors D-38
CAD Machines D-39
Public Information System Police Information System D-40
Information Distribution Platform for Multi-application IC Cards D-41
Shinkansen Information Distribution System D-42
JNR Passenger System D-43
Universal Bill Validator Adaptable to World Markets D-44
Development of New Concepts and New Markets C&C D-45
5th Generation Computers D-47
Family Computers D-48