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Create your IEICE E-mail account

E-mail address for the IEICE members

An e-mail address of the IEICE domain name ( will be issued to the members. who wish to get it.

If you register your desired user name (IEICE e-mail address) and your forwarding e-mail address on the IEICE website, an e-mail received at the IEICE e-mail address will be automatically forwarded to your designated forwarding e-mail address.
You can designate two forwarding e-mail addresses.

Once registration is completed, even if you change your e-mail address, those who send e-mail to you need not to change your addess change as long as you update your registered forwarding e-mail address on the IEICE website, they can continue to send e-mail to you at the IEICE e-mail address.

Please note the following points before applying for this service.

Conditions to receive the service

  • 1.This service is available only to individual IEICE members.
  • 2. Membership confirmation is based on the address list for delivery of monthly periodicals of the IEICE. If delivery of the periodicals is suspended, you cannot apply for the IEICE e-mail address. In this case, please contact the Membership Section. (Membership data is updated monthly.)
  • 3. If you are a new member, the service will be available from the 5th of the month in which you became a member.
  • 4. If you become a nonmember due to withdrawal or other reasons after an IEICE e-mail address has been issued, the forwarding service will be stopped.
  • 5. Since the entered data is transmitted over paths encrypted using SSL, a browser compatible with https is required to use this page.
  • 6. All e-mails received under the IEICE domain name are autonatically checked by a virus scan program before transfering to your designated e-mail address.

* If your name is registered in English, please click here.
* If your name is registered in Japanese, please click here.


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