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Session Number:COMM1



Call Blocking Probabilities in a W-CDMA cell with interference cancellation and bandwidth reservation

Ioannis Moscholios,  Georgios Kallos,  Maria Katsiva,  Vassilios Vassilakis,  Michael Logothetis,  


Publication Date:2014-08-10

Online ISSN:2188-5079


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In this paper, we study a multirate loss model for the calculation of Call Blocking Probabilities (CBP) in a W-CDMA cell that accommodates Poisson arriving calls of different service-classes under the Bandwidth Reservation (BR) policy. The latter is used to equalize CBP among service-classes or achieve a certain QoS. The proposed model takes into account multiple access interference, the notion of local (soft) blocking, user’s activity and interference cancellation. Due to the existence of local blocking and the BR policy the steady state probabilities of the model do not have a product form solution. However, we show that the CBP calculation is based on an approximate but recursive formula whose accuracy is verified through simulation and found to be quite satisfactory.