Annual Membership Dues and Subscribing Option Fee (Subscription Members)

Subscription members' annual membership dues consists of basic annual membership dues and subscribing option fee. Basic annual membership dues is 20,000 JPY. If requested, one Journal of IEICE (printed) will be distributed every month. For each selected subscribing option, we apply the annual rate of ranking based on the number of views.

1.About Subscribing Options (online edition)

Please select one or more out of the four below, and we will apply the annual rate based on the number of views per option.
①Japanese Transactions
②English Transactions
③The Journal of IEICE (online edition)
④・Proceedings of the IEICE Conference (Two years passed since the holding)
 ・Bundle of proceedings of the international conference

Japanese Transactions  From 1968 (From 1972 for Society D)
English Transactions  From 1976
The Journal of IEICE  From 1917
Proceedings of the IEICE Conference  From 1994 (From 2002 for FIT)
Proceedings of the international Conference  ISAP、EMCJ,NOLTA,APNOMS etc.

2.Subscribing Option Fee Structure (unit: JPY)

Price Rank Views (Year) Annual Price
Transactions Bulk
Transactions Bulk
Journal of IEICE (Online)
Bundle of Proceedings
E1 0~99 ¥60,000 ¥60,000 ¥30,000 ¥20,000
E2 100~499 ¥66,000 ¥66,000 ¥36,000 ¥22,000
E3 500~999 ¥90,000 ¥90,000 ¥60,000 ¥30,000
D 1,000~1,999 ¥120,000 ¥120,000 ¥90,000 ¥40,000
C 2,000~4,999 ¥180,000 ¥180,000 ¥150,000 ¥60,000
B 5,000~9,999 ¥360,000 ¥360,000 ¥330,000 ¥120,000
A 10,000~ ¥660,000 ¥660,000 ¥630,000 ¥220,000

  • The price rank applies to each subscribing option.
    Regarding rank B to E, if the number of views reaches 1.5 times the upper limit of the setting rank, we will continue the service once the member have confirmed raising the ranking of the next fiscal year.
  • When there is an abnormal access situation including rank A, service may be suspended.
  • ※Amount of the each ranks' subscribing option fee may be revised in the future.

    3.About Changing Your Registered Subscribing Option

    You cannot change your subscribing options during the fiscal year.
    Only additional registration is possible, however even if the period is short, there is no reduction of subscription option fee.

    4.Payment Method

    Online Settlement (credit card) : The settlement system is outsourced to VeriTrans Corporation.
    Please access to your Member Page, and proceed from the "Billing Information" on the left menu. Accepted credit cards are UC, Master Card, VISA, JCB, and American Express.
    In addition, we also support Union Pay card.
    Bank Transfer(JPY/USD) : Extra charges including remittance charge and bank charge must be paid by the payment source after the transfer. Please set up in advance.
    Membership Number must be included in the remarks column.
    After bank transfer, please send this form for future procedures by our Finance Department.

    5.Payment Period

    Our fiscal year is from April to March. Since we are taking a prepayment system, please pay your annual membership dues for the following year by the end of March (※).
    If payment of annual fee is difficult by the end of March, please pay by the end of June.
    Please note that if you do not pay the annual membership dues by the end of June, some membership services will be suspended after July. The IEICE shall take no responsibility for any disadvantage or damage suffered by the user or other persons due to temporary interruption or suspension of service provision due to maintenance period and annual membership delinquency regardless of any reasons.
    In addition, please note that membership will be lost without paying membership dues for one year.
    In case of withdrawal , please be sure to submit a withdrawal notice from your Member Page after paying the membership fee for the current year.
    ※ January is the 10th month of every fiscal year.
    ※ IEICE Membership renews automatically every fiscal year.
    ※ If you are applying for membership now, please proceed with the payment procedure referring to the automatic e-mail from IEICE or Temporary Members' Member Page.

    6.Slips of Annual Membership Dues (Estimate, Invoice, Statement of Delivery and Receipt)

    Please obtain from your Member Page.
    The receipt becomes downloadable after confirming your payment at the Headquarter Office.

    The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers Service Department, Membership Section
    Kikai-Shinko Kaikan Building, 3-5-8 Shibakoen, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0011
    TEL:+81-3-3433-6691 FAX:+81-3-3433-6659 E-mail:member