Regular Technical Committees
Technical Committees
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Technical Fields
Major Topic Areas
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Network & Application
Antennas and Propagation (AP) -
- - Radiowave propagations, Antennas-general, Antennas-system
Internet Architecture (IA)

Internet Case Studies and Social Implications, Internet Interconnection, Operation and Management, Network Architecture and Protocol, Internet Application and Middleware, Internet Security

Space, Aeronautical and Navigational Electronics (SANE)
Satellite technology, Electronic and radio-wave application system, Remote sensing, Navigation and traffic control
Satellite Telecommunications (SAT)
- Satellite communications and broadcasting systems, Hardware for satellites and earth stations, Satellite application systems, Elementary technologies for  communications, Control and management methods
Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMCJ) -
EMC Countermeasures and EMC design techniques, EMC measurement techniques and International standards, EMC materials and biological effect of EM fields, EMC problems in communication systems, Discharge noise and others
Communication Quality (CQ)
Optimization and Control of QoE/QoS, Evaluation and Measurement of QoE/QoS, Performance of Information and Communication Services, Network Performance, Assessment, Measurement, and Control of Wireless Communication Quality
Information and Communication Management (ICM)
- Element and Network Management, Service and Business Management, Management Functionalities, Operations and Management Technologies, Theories and Methodologies
Information Networks (IN)
- Information Network Architecture, Information Network Service, Network QoS, Traffic Theory, Performance Analysis, Network Control, Operation and Management, Implementation and Security Issues in Networked Systems
Smart Radio (SR)
cognitive radio, heterogeneous radio networks, wireless distributed network, software radio
Short Range Wireless Communications (SRW)
- - Channel model and antenna design for short range wireless communication systems, PHY and RF for Short Range Wireless Communication, MAC for Short Range Wireless Communication, Network and security,Implementation of short range wireless communication systems
Ambient intelligence and Sensor Networks (ASN)
Ubiquitous Sensing and Actuation Technique, Ad Hoc, Mesh, and Sensor Networks, Ambient Intelligence, System Basement, System Application
Communication Systems (CS)
- Transport technology, Modulation, coding and signal processing, Network architecture, Wireless network and application, Network service and application
Energy Engineering in Electronics and Communications (EE) - - -
Power device, Power conversion equipment, Power system, Energy system, Battery
Network Systems (NS)
- Network Architecture, Network System Technology, Network Control and Protocols, Network Application Enablers, Network Quality and Management
Optical Communication Systems (OCS) - -
- Optical Fibers, Optical Communication System, Optical Communication Equipment, Device Application to Optical Communication Systems, Optical Communications Network/Specification
Optical Fiber Technology (OFT) - -
Optical fiber sensing, Optical fiber devices, Optical fiber systems, Optical fiber wiring/installing, maintenances/operations, Design of optical fiber/cable
Photonic Network (PN)
- Photonic network device, Photonic network system, Photonic network control and management, Photonic network application, Photonic network architecture
Healthcare and Medical Information
Communication Technology (MICT)
- - PHY/MAC technologies for healthcare and medical applications , Network technologies for healthcare and medical applications , Applications related to healthcare and medical ICT , Design Technology for ensuring human safety for healthcare and medical Applications , Information sharing and protection of personal information
Radio Communication Systems (RCS)
Wireless communication theory, Wireless transmission technology, Wireless access technology, Wireless networking technology, Wireless communications standardization/implementation technology
Wireless Power Transmission (WPT) -
- Wireless power transfer, Transmitting and receiving equipment and power transfer, RF circuit technology , Application technologies, Environmental problems
Mobile Network and Applications (MoNA)
Mobile Network Technologies, Mobile Terminal Technologies, Mobile Application Technologies, Mobile Service Technologies

Ad Hoc Technical Committees (Active Period)
Technical Committees
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Technical Fields
Major Topic Areas
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Network & Application
Standardization & Innovation in ICT Technologies (SIIT)
Standardization and innovation, Standards in social environment, Standards strategies,  Economics of standards, Human resources development on standards

Extremely advanced Optical Transmission (EXAT)


Novel Transmission Optical Fibers, Ultra-dense Multiplexing/Transmission Technologies, Novel Optical Node Architecture, Ultra-high-capacity Optical Submarine Cable Systems

ICT in Smart Grid (ICT-SG)
Social Science Research involving ICT based smart grid, Energy generation ,Research on the supply of ICT technologies, Management of EV car navigation, Energy conversation, and management, ICT and Research on energy saving Appliances , ICT with energy saving technology research and ICT Integration
Network Virtualization(NV)
Network Virtualization Architecture, Application and Network Virtualization,Server and Virtualized Communication Network Platform, Security and Network Virtualization, Network Virtualization Testbed and Evaluation
Information Network Science  (NetSci)
Information Network Fundamentals, Real-World Information Network Fundamentals, Knowledge Society Information Network Fundamentals
Photonics-applied Electromagnetic Measurement (PEM)
  Theory and applications on Photonics-applied Electromagnetic Measurement, Photonics-applied Electromagnetic Measurement Systems, Related Technologies for Photonics-applied Electromagnetic Measurement
Information-Centric Networking (ICN)
Information-Centric Networking Architecture, Information-Centric Networking Principles, Information-Centric Networking Substrate Technologies, Information-Centric Networking Applications