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Publishing online monthly (EB, JB, and ComEX) and quarterly (Bplus), our journals are interested in the best research from across the field of communication engineering. A team of top researchers makes all editorial decisions.

The IEICE Transactions on Communications originates from the IEICE Transactions (Japanese language) that started in 1917, and took the current form in 1991 as one of the four English-language Transactions. It receives about 600 paper-submissions every year, of which over 60 percent come from countries outside Japan. Among those contributions, only high quality and outstanding papers are published on a monthly basis. The peer-review process is careful but yet efficient; it typically takes less than 12 months from submission to publication.

IEICE Communications Express (ComEX) is a peer-reviewed online letter journal published by the Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers (IEICE) and edited by the IEICE Communications Society. ComEX covers the entire field of communications. ComEX is a medium where researchers provide and exchange new topics easily and in a timely manner. Materials contained in the first several years will be freely available for anyone to read, download, or print from the journal web site.

In May 1917, the Institute of Telegraph and Telephone Engineers of Japan was founded to study the science and art of telegraphy and telephony, exchanging relevant knowledge and promoting related industries. The institute published the first journal in June 1917, the oldest telecommunication journal in Asia. Communication engineering was a popular research field from the beginning. In 1987 the institute changed its name to the "Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers" (IEICE). The IEICE Transactions on Communications (JB) has been publishing excellent technical and research papers in communication engineering with leading researchers in the field as editorial board members. All articles have been reviewed by the editorial board of the journal and accepted for publication.

The IEICE Communications Society Magazine (IEICE Bplus) publishes easy-to-understand articles targeting students who aspire to work in telecommunications and engineers in companies close to the field. In addition to purely technical issues, the magazine also includes articles on the international standardization of technologies and new fields that integrate social perspectives. The editorial committee plans these papers and articles, of course, but we also accept active contributions from our members.

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Review policy of IEICE Rather than having all the best papers, it is better to have a mixture of good and bad ones so that we do not miss out on any gems for fear of picking up the rocks. This is the peer review policy of the IEICE. Our approach is not to publish the best paper at the time in our…

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When I am pondering various ideas, I run into questions about what a paper is, why we write papers, what editing is, and so on. I would like to share my thoughts on the purpose of a paper. Why write a journal paper? Let’s put it bluntly. It is all about the transfer of research and technology. We…

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