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Chair Hidenori NAKAZATO (Waseda Univ.)
Vice chair Jun TERADA (NTT)
Secretary Masamichi FUJIWARA (NTT)
Secretary Kenji KANAI (Waseda Univ.)
Assistant Kazutaka HARA (NTT)
Assistant Kentaroh TOYODA (Keio Univ.)
  • November workshop on Nov. 1-2 will be jointly held with the 31st communication systems workshop (CSWS) at Shiki Memorial Museum (Dogo Hot Spring) on Oct. 31-Nov. 2. To join the reception banquet on Oct. 31, we need your registration to the CSWS.
  • Advance program for November workshop at The Shiki Museum on Nov 1(Thu) - 2(Fri) is available.
  • Registration for presentation for January workshop at Nobumoto Ohama Memorial Hall (Ishigaki Island) on Jan 17(Thu) - 18(Fri) will be available soon.
  • The schedule and photos of the special invited talks in 2010-2018 are available here.
  • MIKA2018 (Multiple Innovative Kenkyu-kai Association for Wireless Communications 2018) will be held at Hatoya Hotel (Ito city in Shizuoka Pref.) on Sept. 26-28. Please access to MIKA2018 web page for detailed information.
  • The 33rd Annual Signal Processing Symposium will be held at Tokyo Denki University on Nov. 6-8. Please access to the SIP Symposium web page for detailed information.

 Conference Schedule in 2018   [Past Schedule]
The monthly domestic conferences in 2018 will be held as below.
The past conference schedule is here.
Month Day Place Topics Joint
Deadline for presentation
April 19-20 Hiroshima Institute of Technology Optical/Wireless Access and Their Integration, QoS and QoE, Assessment / Measurement / Control / Optimization of Communication Quality, Network Services, etc. CQ Feb 14(Wed) Advance
July 11-13 Eef Information Plaza (Kumejima Is.) Next generation networks, access network, broadband access system, power-line communications, wireless communication systems, coding system, etc.   May 17(Thu) Detailed Info.
Sept. 6-7 Research Institute of Electrical Communication, Tohoku Univ. Session Management (SIP/IMS), Interoperability/Standardization, NGN/NwGN/Future Networks, Cloud/Data Center Networks, SDN (OpenFlow, etc.)/NFV, IPv6, Machine Learning, etc. IN, NS, NV July 13(Fri) Advance
Oct. 31-1 The Shiki Museum The Communication Systems Workshop     Detailed Info.
Nov. 1-2 The Shiki Museum Broadband Access Systems, Home Networks, Network Services, Applications for Communications, etc.   Aug 30(Thu)
[Upload by Oct 11(Thu)]
Detailed Info.
29-30 Tokushima University Image coding, Communications and streaming technologies, etc. IE, IPSJ-AVM, ITE-BCT Sep 19(Wed) Closed
17-18 Nobumoto Ohama Memorial Hall (Ishigaki Island)   OCS TBD Waiting
TBD   Network processor, Signal processing and circuits for communications, Wireless LAN / PAN, etc. CAS Jan 17(Thu) Waiting
Old Schedule

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