Meeting Schedule

Meeting Date Place Status
1st Meeting 6/6〜6/7 Saga University Finished
2nd Meeting 8/29〜8/29 IIJ Seminar Room Finished
3rd Meeting 10/14〜10/14 Univ. of Tokyo, Koshiba Hall Finished
4th Meeting 11/3〜11/4 Taipei (Taiwan) Finished
5th Meeting 11/9〜11/10 Onuma International Seminar Hous Finished
6th Meeting 12/15〜12/16 Hiroshima city university Finished
7th Meeting 1/27〜1/27 Kikai-Shinko-Kaikan Bldg. B3 Kenshu-2 room Finished
8th Meeting 3/3〜3/4 Culture Resort Festone (Okinawa) Finished
The schedule may be changed. Please refer below for the details.
- Meeting Schedule

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