Engineering Sciences/NOLTA-Smart Info-Media Systems(Date:2011/06/02)



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[Paper #]
Particle Swarm Optimization Considering Component Combined with Personal Best Positions

Ryosuke KUBOTA,  Masashi HIRAKAWA,  Hakaru TAMUKOH,  

[Paper #]SIS2011-1
A Platform of Software Defiled Mechatronics for Applications using Complex Signal Processing

Ryusuke MIYAMOTO,  Hiroki SUGANO,  Yukihiro NAKAMURA,  

[Paper #]SIS2011-2
Stress state classification based on photoplethysmogram by supervised dimensionally reduction

Ying LI,  Keiichi HORIO,  

[Paper #]SIS2011-3
A Study on Detection Accuracy for Intruder Detection System Using Leaky Coaxial Cable

Tomonori SATO,  Minoru OKADA,  

[Paper #]SIS2011-4
Improved Automatic Detection Method for Carotid Artery Calcification in Dental Panoramic Radiographs Considering Intensity Gradients

Katsuyuki SHINJO,  Yoshinori IZUMI,  Mitsuji MUNEYASU,  Akira ASANO,  Akira TAGUCHI,  Yoshiko HANADA,  

[Paper #]SIS2011-5
A Proposal of Monochrome Transformation of Color Image Excelled in Color Information Restoration

Jyohei MATSUOKA,  Go TANAKA,  Noriaki SUETAKE,  Eiji UCHINO,  

[Paper #]SIS2011-6
The relationship between the characteristics of P300 waveform and the degradation degree of observed test image

Akira TAGUCHI,  Yohei ONO,  

[Paper #]SIS2011-7
High-Speed Sorted QR Decomposition for MIMO Wireless Communication Systems

Yuya MIYAOKA,  Yuhei NAGAO,  Masayuki KUROSAKI,  Hiroshi OCHI,  

[Paper #]SIS2011-8
Hardware/Software Co-Development of Video Transmission Unit in Wideband MIMO-OFDM Wireless Systems

Jun TAKIZAWA,  Takaya KAJI,  Shingo YOSHIZAWA,  Takashi GUNJI,  Morio TAWARAYAMA,  Yoshikazu MIYANAGA,  

[Paper #]SIS2011-9
Development of a Singular Value Decomposition Processor Using ASIP Architecture for Large MIMO Wireless Systems

Takaya KAJI,  Shingo YOSHIZAWA,  Yoshikazu MIYANAGA,  

[Paper #]SIS2011-10
Power Reduction of MIMO-OFDM Receiver Circuits Using Dynamic MIMO Detection Techniques

Nozomi MIYAZAKI,  Shingo YOSHIZAWA,  Yoshikazu MIYANAGA,  

[Paper #]SIS2011-11
Performance and Complexity of MIMO Detectors for Advanced Wireless Communications Systems

Kazi Obaidullah,  Constantin Siriteanu,  Yoshikazu Miyanaga,  

[Paper #]SIS2011-12
Distributed Source Coding : Theorem and Its Applications

Takayuki NAKACHI,  

[Paper #]SIS2011-13
A Study on Active Noise Control Based on Pre-inverse Adaptive System Using Square Sum of Correlation for Cost Function

Yusaku TANAKA,  Naoto SASAOKA,  Masaki KOBAYASHI,  Yoshio ITOH,  

[Paper #]SIS2011-14
A Study of Robust Speech Recognition Using Modified RSF

Kyunghee LEE,  Yoshikazu MIYANAGA,  

[Paper #]SIS2011-15
A study on pitch estimation of musical sound based on time-varying complex analysis

Takehito HIGA,  Keiichi FUNAKI,  

[Paper #]SIS2011-16
Frame Rate Up-Conversion using Global Motion Compensation Based on Helmert Motion Model

Tadayoshi TAKATA,  Yasuhiro TAGAWA,  Tadayoshi KATAGIRI,  Masashi NAKAO,  Masayuki MIYAMA,  Yoshio MATSUDA,  

[Paper #]SIS2011-17
An approach to halo suppression for Retinex-based image enhancement

Satoshi YOSHIKAWA,  Hiroshi TSUTSUI,  Hiroyuki OKUHATA,  Takao ONOYE,  

[Paper #]SIS2011-18
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