Electronics-Electronic Information Displays(Date:1995/10/24)



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Field Emission from Silicon Tips Coated with Diamond-like Carbon

Sanjo Lee,  Bokeon Chung,  Hunsuk Cho,  Sunup Lee,  D. Jeon,  Sungwon Leet,  Kwang-Ryeol Lee,  

[Paper #]EID95-61
Improved method for optimisation of design parameters of a field emitter array

In-Jae Chung,  In-Byeong Kang,  A. Hariz,  M.R. Haskard,  Myung-Hwan Oh,  

[Paper #]EID95-62
Fabrication and Characterization of Silicon Field Emission Cathodes using Spin-on-Glass Etch-back Process

Jin Ho Lee,  Sung Weon Kang,  Min Park,  Jong Moon Park,  Sang Gi Kim,  Hee Tae Lee,  Kyoung Ik Cho,  Hyung Joun Yoo,  

[Paper #]EID95-63
Fabrication and Characterization of Strip-shaped Diamond Field Emitter Arrays

Seong-Jin Kim,  Byeong Kwon Ju,  Jae-Hoon Jung,  Beom Soo Park,  Young-Joon Baik,  Sung-Kyoo Lim,  Myung Hwan Oh,  

[Paper #]EID95-64
A New Fabrication Method of Silicon Field Emission Cathodes with Sub-halfmicron Gate Apertures

Sung-Weon Kang,  Jin-Ho Lee,  Jong-Moon Park,  Min Park,   Sang-Gi Kim,  Dong-Goo Kim,  Kyoung-Ik Cho,  Hyung Joun Yoo,  

[Paper #]EID95-65
Low Voltage Driving ZnS:Mn Thin Film Electroluminescent Device using Layered BaTiO_3 Thin Films

M.H. Song,  Y.H. Lee,  T.S. Hahn,  K.H Yoon,  M.H. Oh,  

[Paper #]EID95-66
Photoluminescence Characteristics of Ternary Compounds

S.S. Lee,  G.K. Chang,  S. Lim,  

[Paper #]EID95-67
Deposition of Hydrogen-Free Diamond-Like Carbon Film and Its Application to Field Emission Devices

Kyu Chang Park,  Jong Hyun Moon,  Jin Jang,  

[Paper #]EID95-68
Field Emission Behavior of Diamond-like Carbon Films

Kwang-Ryeol Lee,  Kwang Yong Eun,  Bokeon Jeong,  Dong-Ryul Jeon,  

[Paper #]EID95-69
Electron Emission Characteristics of Diamond-like Films Synthesized by Pulsed Laser Deposition Technique

Feng-Yu Chuang,  Cherng-Yuan Sun,  Hsiu-Fung Cheng,  I-Nan Lin,  Wen-Chun Wang,  Chin-Ming Huang,  

[Paper #]EID95-70
Metal FEAs Fabricated with Local Oxidation of Polysilicon for Large-Area Display Applications

II Hwan Kim,  Chun Gyoo Lee,  Jong Duk Lee,  Sang Jik Kwon,  

[Paper #]EID95-71
The influence of ionic impurities on the Voltage Holding Ratio and Residual DC Voltage in LC cells.

K.J. Kim,  Jungha Kim,  J.H. Jung,  Y.S. Choi,  S.B. Kwon,  

[Paper #]EID95-72
Design of Color Filters by Simulated Annealing Method

Chung-Mei Tseng,  Han-Ping D. Shieh,  

[Paper #]EID95-73
The Thermal Treatment Effect of a Photo-Alignment Layer on LC Pretilt Angle

K.H. Yoon,  J.W. Wu,  J.H. Kim,  S.B. Kwon,  

[Paper #]EID95-74
A 9-Channel Programmable Power Reference Generator for Use With Resistor-String-DAC-Based TFT-LCD Source Drivers

K Meinstein,  T Blankenship,  S. Carruth,  C. Ludden,  

[Paper #]EID95-75
Fault Tolerant Design of Poly-Si TFT LCD Panels

B.D. Choi,  O.K. Kwon,  

[Paper #]EID95-76
Existence of a Continuous Electro-Optic Effect in Twisted Achiral Smectic C Liquid Crystals

Sin-Doo Lee,  Seong-Woo Suh,  Im Taek Yoon,  J.S. Patel,  

[Paper #]EID95-77
Liquid Crystalline Polymer Stabilized FLCDs

Shingo Kataoka,  Yasuhiro Taguchi,  Yasufumi Iimura,  Shunsuke Kobayashi,  

[Paper #]EID95-78
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