The 2017 International Symposium on Nonlinear Theory and Its Applications (NOLTA2017)

event date session num session
2017/12/5A1L-ATheory and Learning Applications of Koopman Operator Formalism
2017/12/5A1L-BSystems Theory and its Applications
2017/12/5A1L-CComplex systems, complex networks and bigdata analyses
2017/12/5A1L-DAdvanced Theory and Applications Related to Communication Quality
2017/12/5A1L-ENeuromorphic Systems and Electronic Devices 1
2017/12/5A2L-ANetwork Function for Physically and Logically Coupled System
2017/12/5A2L-BCircuits and Systems / Analog and digital devices
2017/12/5A2L-CNeural Networks / Biological Engineering
2017/12/5A2L-DComplex Communication Sciences 1
2017/12/5A2L-ENeuromorphic Systems and Electronic Devices 2
2017/12/5A3L-ARadio and Optical Wireless Communications 1
2017/12/5A3L-BComplex Networks & Systems / Image and Signal Processing
2017/12/5A3L-CLaser Dynamics and Complex Photonics 1
2017/12/5A3L-D-1Complex Communication Sciences 2
2017/12/5A3L-D-2Complex Networks & Systems / Image and Signal Processing
2017/12/5A3L-E-1Neuromorphic Systems and Electronic Devices 3
2017/12/5A3L-E-2Machine Learning / Evolutionary computations
2017/12/6B1L-A-1Synchronization (SS)
2017/12/6B1L-B-1Dynamical Brain and the Information Processing
2017/12/6B1L-B-2Neurodynamics / Learning and memory
2017/12/6B1L-CLaser Dynamics and Complex Photonics 2
2017/12/6B1L-D-1Dynamical Networks and Structure
2017/12/6B1L-D-2Control and robotics
2017/12/6B1L-EChaos and Bifurcation
2017/12/6B2L-ANonlinear waves and localizations 1
2017/12/6B2L-BCellular Dynamical Systems 1
2017/12/6B2L-COptimization Algorithms with Nonlinear Dynamics 1
2017/12/6B2L-DNonlinear Circuits Distributed and Coupled across Nontrivial Network Topologies 1
2017/12/6B2L-ERadio and Optical Wireless Communications 2
2017/12/6C0L-ANonlinear waves and localizations 2
2017/12/6C0L-BCellular Dynamical Systems 2
2017/12/6C0L-COptimization Algorithms with Nonlinear Dynamics 2
2017/12/6C0L-DNonlinear Circuits Distributed and Coupled across Nontrivial Network Topologies 2
2017/12/6C0L-ERadio and Optical Wireless Communications 3
2017/12/7C2L-ASwitched Dynamical Systems: Modeling, Analysis, and Applications
2017/12/7C2L-BComplex Networks and Systems
2017/12/7C2L-CApplied Mathematics / Self-Validating Numerics
2017/12/7C2L-DDeep Learning / Optics
2017/12/7C2L-E-1Recent Progress in Optimization Algorithms using Nonlinear Techniques
2017/12/7C2L-E-2Optimization / Oscillations