The 2017 International Symposium on Nonlinear Theory and Its Applications (NOLTA2017)

number title/author
A3L-B-1Phase Transition in Adaptive Elementary Cellular Automata
Shigeru Ninagawa, Ramon Alonso-Sanz,
A3L-B-2Relations Between Early-Warning Signals Based on Dynamical Network Markers and Network Structures
Tadayoshi Matsumori, Makito Oku, Kazuyuki Aihara,
A3L-B-3A Modified Algorithm and its Program for Obtaining Particular Solutions and Expansion Coefficients in P/T Petri Nets
Masahiro Osogami,
A3L-B-4Improvement of High-Accuracy CT Image Reconstruction Using Nonlinear Dynamics
Hiromasa Kohno, Yuichi Tanji, Ken'ichi Fujimoto,
A3L-B-5A Diagonal Calibration Method of Images Using a Rectangular Object in the case when the Optical Axis is Unknown
Takashi Ozeki, Eiji Watanabe,
A3L-B-6Super-Resolution Image Reconstruction Method Based on Non-Linear Image Enhancement Filters
Tomio Goto, Tsubasa Munezawa, Satoshi Hirano,
A3L-B-7The Proposal of an Acceleration for Inside and Outside Judgment Using CUDA
Koki Sato, Rei Nakagawa, Satoshi Kodama,