The 2017 International Symposium on Nonlinear Theory and Its Applications (NOLTA2017)

number title/author
A1L-A-1On the Computation of Isostables, Isochrons and Other Spectral Objects of the Koopman Operator Using the Dynamic Mode Decomposition
Igor Mezic, Hassan Arbabi,
A1L-A-2Approximating the Continuous Spectral Measure of the Koopman Operator
Marko Budisic, Ryan Mohr,
A1L-A-3Nonparametric Bayesian Learning of Koopman Spectrums in Nonlinear Dynamical Systems
Yoshinobu Kawahara,
A1L-A-4Modeling Nonlinear Dynamic System in RKHS through the Koopman Operator
Satomi Sugaya, Yoshihiko Susuki, Atushi Ishigame, Andrea Mammoli, Manel Martinez-Ramon,
A1L-A-5Dynamic Learning of Embeddings for Cognitive Classification from High-Dimensional Data
Jr-Shin Li, Liang Wang, Wei Zhang,
A1L-A-6Optimal Model Selection for Estimating Stochastic Koopman Modes
Wataru Kurebayashi, Sho Shirasaka, Hiroya Nakao,