The 2017 International Symposium on Nonlinear Theory and Its Applications (NOLTA2017)

number title/author
C0L-E-1Non-Linear Compensation for Cap64 Modulation in Visible Light Communication System
Nan Chi, Xingyu Lu, Liang Qiao, Yingjun Zhou, Can Wang,
C0L-E-2Investigation of Optical Interference Noise Characteristics in Visible Light Communication System
Trio Adiono, Syifaul Fuada,
C0L-E-3Optical Interference Noise Filtering Over Visible Light Communication System Utilizing Analog High-Pass Filter Circuit
Trio Adiono, Syifaul Fuada,
C0L-E-4Angle of Light Arrival Estimation for Non-Line-of-Sight Optical Camera Communications
Tahesin Samira Delwar, Willy Anugrah Cahyadi, Yeon Ho Chung,