The 2017 International Symposium on Nonlinear Theory and Its Applications (NOLTA2017)

number title/author
B1L-B-1-1Efficient Control of Theta Traveling Waves by Synchronized Inhibition Through Gap Junctions and GABAergic Connections in a Hippocampal CA3 Model
Toshikazu Samura, Yutaka Sakai, Hatsuo Hayashi, Takeshi Aihara,
B1L-B-1-2The Hippocampal Beta Rhythm and the Computational Model
Itsuki Kageyama, Katsumi Tateno, Kiyohisa Natsume,
B1L-B-1-3Parallelization of a Spiking Neural Network Model of Layered Cortical Sheet Consisting of Multiple Cortical Regions
Jun Igarashi,
B1L-B-1-4The Brain Rhythm Related to the Music Preferences and the Detection of the Preference
Hirokazu Sadahisa, Yuya Tsuji, Shinya Kudo, Kiyohisa Natsume,