The 31st International Technical Conference on Circuits/Systems, Computers and Communications (ITC-CSCC 2016)

number title/author
P1-1A Mixed-mode Biquadratic Circuit Employing OTAs and Grounded Capacitors
Takao Tsukutani, Masumi Fukuma, Yasuaki Sumi, Noboru Yabuki ,
P1-10A Case for PRAM-based NVDIMM
Kyungyeon Yang, Jae W. Lee ,
P1-11Optical Character Recognition Performance Comparison of Convolution Neural Network and Tesseract
Daegun Ko, Suhan Song, Kimin Kang, Seongwook Han, Juneho Yi ,
P1-123D Alignment of Face in a Single Image
Eungyeol Song, Kyungjae Lee, Sangyoun Lee ,
P1-13Photometric Stereo with Relit Images from a Single Frontal Face Image
Junhyeop Lee, Kyungjae Lee, Sanyoon Lee ,
P1-14Low Light Image Enhancement using Estimated Shade Map
Chang Woo Song, Woo Jin Jeong, Young Shik Moon ,
P1-15Road Surface Estimation using a Piecewise Linear Function in v-Disparity
Kyungjae Lee, Jaesung Kim, Sangyoun Lee ,
P1-16Visual Salience based Exposure Fusion Algorithm for Ghost Removal in High-dynamic-range Imaging
Zijie Wang, Qin Liu, Tongwei Ren, Bin Luo, Takeshi Ikenaga ,
P1-17Performance Analysis of Compressive Image Sensing for Various Spatial Resolutions based on Sparsity Measure
Moonhee Kim, Younghyeon Park, Byeungwoo Jeon ,
P1-18A Study on Tracking and Trajectory Prediction of High-Speed and Long-Range Flight Target using Infrared Stereo Cameras
Jaeha Lee, Jun Ho Oh, Sang Hwa Lee, Kayoung Park, Jong-Il Park ,
P1-19An Analysis on Projection Suitability Using Projector-Camera System
Joongseok Song, Changseob Kim, Jong-Il Park ,
P1-2A Self-reference Sensing to Compensate Data Pattern Dependent Leakage Current in the Cross-point ReRAM Array
Hojun Kim, Kee-Won Kwon ,
P1-20Superpixel-Based Approach for View Synthesis Robust to Noise
Joo-Hyeon Kim, Tae-Youn Kim, Hong-Chang Shin, Jong-Il Park ,
P1-21Introduction of Mobile Edge Computing System Architecture for Media Service on Highway
Sang-Yub Lee, In Hye Park, Jae Kyu Lee, Seung Yeon Kim ,
P1-22Orthogonal Frequency and Code Division Multiplexing Using Modified Pseudo-Ternary M-Sequences Pair
Yuki Hosokawa, Hiromasa Habuchi ,
P1-3Self-Terminated Read for Reduced Read Disturbance and Power Consumption in Large Cross-Point ReRAM Arrays
Hyun-Seok Kang, Kee-Won Kwon ,
P1-4A New Linear Low-gm OTA with DC Current Control
Fujihiko Matsumoto, Shota Matsuo, Takeshi Ohbuchi, Ryuji Yasugi ,
P1-5A Design of a Low Noise and Low Power Low Drop Out Regulator with Fast Settling Time Technique
Jung-Yeon Kim, Seong-Jin Oh, Dong-Soo Lee, Kang-Yoon Lee ,
P1-6A Scheme of Motion Recognition For Wearable Device Gesture
Inhye Park, Sang-Yub Lee, Jae-Jin Ko ,
P1-7Biomimetic Robot Hand Control By Using Surface Electromyography
Stephen Ryan Angsanto, Jonghun Kwon, Jungho Park, Gwanwoo Kim, Wansu Lim ,
P1-8Performance Evaluation of Clusters in Factor Graph for Graph-Based Detection
Thanomsak Sopon ,
P1-9Design and Preliminary Implementation of an IoT-Based System for Ocean Observation Buoys
Si Moon Kim, Woon Hyun Lee, Hyuk Jin Kwon, Jeongchang Kim ,