Engineering Sciences/NOLTA-Information Security(Date:1993/10/25)



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[Paper #]
A Holder Verification Protocol Using Fingerprints

Satoshi Ozaki,  Tsutomu Matsumoto,  Hideki Imai,  

[Paper #]ISEC93-32
Practical Protocols for Electronic Cash

HeungYoul Youm,  SeocLae Lee,  ManYoung Rhee,  

[Paper #]ISEC93-33
Efficient Secure Broadcast Communication Systems

Masahiro Manbo,  Akinori Nishikawa,  Shigeo Tsujii,  Eiji Okamoto,  

[Paper #]ISEC93-34
A Practical Electronic Cash System for Smart Cards

Chae Hoon LIM,  Pil Joong LEE,  

[Paper #]ISEC93-35
A new scheme of non interactive ID-based key sharing with explosively high degree of separability

Shigeo Tsujii,  Kiyomichi Araki,  Takashi Sekine,  Kazuo Tanada,  

[Paper #]ISEC93-36

Chang-Seop Park,  Hyo-Beom Ahn,  

[Paper #]ISEC93-37
Authentication Codes Based on Triangular Graphs

Yeujin Song,  Kaoru Kurosawa,  Shigeo Tsujii,  

[Paper #]ISEC93-38
Conference Key Distribution System Using Finite Projective Planes

Soo-Jim Kim,  Jea-Cheol Ryou,  

[Paper #]ISEC93-39
On a New Approach to key Sharing Problem

Tsutomu Matsumoto,  Hideki Imai,  

[Paper #]ISEC93-40
A High-speed Modular Multiplication Method for the RSA Cryptosystem

Jungtae Kim,  Hongsub Lee,  Daiki Lee,  

[Paper #]ISEC93-41
On Discrete Logarithm Problems over Elliptic Curves with p-divisible Groups

Jinhui Chao,  Hiroyuki Ikemoto,  Kazuo Tanada,  Shigeo Tsujii,  

[Paper #]ISEC93-42
On the cryptosystem using elliptic curve

YoungJu Choie,  HyoSun Hwoang,  

[Paper #]ISEC93-43
A Fast Algorithm on Addition Sequences : Extended Abstract for JW-ISC'93

Yukio Tsuruoka,  

[Paper #]ISEC93-44
Parallel Factorization on SIMD Machines

Yang Hee Kim,  Chang-Sung Jeong,  

[Paper #]ISEC93-45
Generalized No Sequences

Jong-Seon No,  

[Paper #]ISEC93-46
Rate-Distortion Theory for Shannon′s Cipher System with a Noisy Ch annel.

Hirosuke Yamamoto,  

[Paper #]ISEC93-47
Parallel Communications Using Pseudo Randomized Routing Algorthithms

I.Y. Chung,  C.R. Kim,  C.W. Lee,  

[Paper #]ISEC93-48
Privacy Enhanced Electronic Mail System For KREONet

Yoonjong Jeong,  Jaewoo Kim,  Chaeho Lim,  

[Paper #]ISEC93-49
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