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Vol.44 No.4(Publication Date:2020/12/01) Download whole issue:PDF(3MB)

From CS Fellows

  • Digital Transformation for Energy Networks 2 Download

    Atsushi Hiramatsu

  • Some Fundamental Concepts Underlying My Research Activities 5 Download

    Masaki Aida

  • New Stage of Radar Signal Processing: with my research experience in radar and remote sensing 9 Download

    Hiroyoshi Yamada

  • Cross-disciplinary Research on Cooperation in Heterogeneous Networks 12 Download

    Ryoichi Shinkuma

    IEICE-CS Activities Now

  • Report on ICM English Session at 2020 IEICE Society Conference
    – BS-8, Network and Service Design, Control and Management –
    14 Download

    Yoichi Yamashita

  • Activities of Technical Committee on Optical Fiber Technologies (OFT) 16 Download

    Hajime Arao, Yukihiro Goto

IEICE-CS Related Conference Reports

  • Report on IEEE ICC Workshop on Information-Centric Networking Solutions for Real-world Applications (ICN-SRA) 18 Download

    Hidenori Nakazato

  • Report on the 8th International Conference on Smart Grid (icSmartGrid2020) 19 Download

    Yuji Mizuno, Nobumasa Matsui

  • Report on the 2020 IEEE Summer Topicals Meeting Series: Space Division Multiplexing 20 Download

    Werner Klaus, Georg Rademacher

IEICE-CS Information

  • IEICE-CS Related Conferences Calendar 21 Download

  • Special Section Calendar of IEICE Transactions on Communications 23 Download

  • CFPs for Special Sections on IEICE Transactions on Communications 24 Download

  • CFPs for Special Sections on Communications Express 29 Download

  • From Editor’s Desk 30 Download

  • IEICE-CS Leaflet 31 Download

  • IEICE Overseas Membership Application Form 33 Download


  • IEICE General Conference 2021 Back cover Download