Greetings from the New President

Yukari Tsuji
Yukari Tsuji
President, IEICE Communications Society
Senior Vice President, NTT Advanced Technology Corporation

I am very honored to be the President of the IEICE Communication Society (IEICE-CS) in 2022. I respect for all predecessors who have built and grown this research community, and I will strive to further improve its value in light of the changes in the surrounding environment. I look forward to working with you all for one year from here.
First of all, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all of you for your continued understanding and cooperation with IEICE and IEICE-CS. Academic activities cannot be achieved without the support of all members and staff. I would like to thank all the members who participate in the study group and engage in academic activities such as submitting papers. And also thank you to everyone who supports the activities. In the last two years, most of the study groups, general conferences, and international conferences have been held online under the coronavirus pandemic. So, the various committee members and staff are having a lot of trouble with the addition of new issues and operations. I am truly grateful for your efforts.
The influence of corona has been extremely large recently, but looking back on the past few decades, as a result of the whole world pursuing economic growth through innovation, advances in information and communication technology have created both positive and negative aspects. With the spread of the Internet, SNS, and smartphones, an environment has been created in which anyone can send and receive information at any time, and unintentionally, even in the case of coronavirus pandemic , remote work is possible without stopping social activities. On the other hand, it has also created negative aspects such as infodemic (spreading without confirming the facts), and the current situation is that it does not envelop people in different positions. Moreover, unfortunately, the traditional social system is not designed for sustainability, and the rising economic growth has also caused environmental problems as a result. In light of such changes, the 2021 theme of the World Economic Forum (Davos Conference) was “The Great Reset” (review of the world's socio-economic system). At the plenary session, discussions were held on rethinking the economy centered on people's well-being, solving social issues through innovation, and creating cultural value.
Under these circumstances, what kind of situation is IEICE and IEICE-CS? As mentioned above, until the time of writing this article, all events have been held remotely, including the international conference ICETC, which was launched two years ago by IEICE-CS. On the other hand, the number of members of both IEICE and IEICE-CS is decreasing, and in particular, the number of corporate members and overseas members is decreasing significantly, and I feel that this is a major issue from the perspective of diversity. Just as whole society is required to be reviewed in various ways, IEICE and IEICE-CS must also undergo flexible changes and evolution for sustainable growth.

(1) Technology is of course important when trying to solve social issues, but it may be necessary to take a bird's-eye view not only from technology but also from a system perspective and design thinking. In order to see things from that perspective, diversity of members belonging to the research community will be required across countries, cultures and industries. In addition, in order to make a study group or an international conference that is enjoyable for colleagues all over the world with diversity, I would like to devise various ideas such as theme setting and holding format of the event related to IEICE-CS.

(2) I was able to reaffirm the importance of serendipity through direct dialogue while being aware of the convenience of remote holding in academic society activities due to the coronavirus pandemic. In near future, it is expected that the number of direct dialogue and remote hybrid holdings will increase. However, in that case, I think it is required to consider the balance between the convenience of participating members and the necessary expenses and increase in staff operation in terms of academic society management.

I think that future technologies need to make progress linked to the economy, society, and ethics in order to lead to the well-being of people. I hope that we can create and support a prosperous society through information and communication technology. Let's work together and step by step so that IEICE-CS can play a part in that.