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ISAP JSC / A・P研 特別講演会のお知らせ

ISAP国際会議委員会(ISAP JSC)とアンテナ・伝播研究専門委員会(A・P研)の共催で,
EurAAP AmbassadorのManuel Sierra Castaner氏(スペイン・マドリッド工科大学)の


講演者:Manuel Sierra Castaner氏(EurAAP Ambassador,スペイン・マドリッド工科


タイトル:New Challenges in Antenna Measurements for Space, automotive and
mobile applications

概要:Antenna measurement topic had a large evolution in the last years
with new test procedures making possible to measure with irregular
grids, specially using handhelds, drones, robots… and the use of novel
algorithms to improve the data acquired in the antenna measurement

In this sense, the new design of wideband antennas integrated in
portable systems, millimeter and submillimeter wave antennas, active
antennas and smart antennas bring new needs in advanced antenna
measurement techniques.
Each day, it is more difficult to separate the performance of the
antenna respect the RF system or the digital signal processors. The
new terahertz bands require an impressive accuracy in the acquisition
system to avoid positioning errors, with not very accurate measurement
of the phase and low signal to noise ratios. The measurement of beam
steering active antennas should be done very fast to reduce the
measurement costs. And finally, smart antennas require new techniques
like the “over-the-air” techniques to characterize the radio systems.

The latest advances in antenna measurement research, together with the
availability of new technology, faster and more complex to acquire
data, to get accurate positioning of the antenna probes and antenna
under test (AUT), and the revolution of the capability of computers
have allowed to face the antenna measurement challenges created by the
new antenna technology. This presentation presents the new challenges
in antenna measurement and summarizes some of the most important
advances in this area, focusing mainly in post-processing techniques
for the different applications.

講演者略歴:Manuel Sierra Castaner was born in 1970 in Zaragoza (Spain). He
obtained the degree of Telecommunication Engineering in 1994 and the
PhD in 2000, both from the Technical University of Madrid (UPM) in
Spain, where he is Full Professor since 2017. As PhD student, he had
short research stays in Tokyo Tech (September-December 1998) and EPFL
(September-December 1999).
Also, he was visitor Professor at Tokyo Tech during the summers of
2012 and 2013. Currently, he is Senior member of the IEEE and Fellow
of AMTA Society.
Since January 2016 he was member of the EurAAP (European Association
on Antennas and Propagation) board of directors, and since 2019 to end
of 2021 he was the EurAAP vice-chair. He was the General Chair of
EuCAP2022 in Madrid. Currently, he is the Dean of the
Telecommunications School of Universidad Politecnica de Madrid and has
been appointed as EurAAP ambassador for this year 2023-24.

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