[AP-NET 1475] IEEE PIMRC 2022(9/12-15)のご案内

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IEEE PIMRC2022の案内を頂きましたのでお知らせいたします.

2022年9月12-15日に、オンライン形式で開催されるThe 2022 Annual
IEEE International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio
(IEEE PIMRC 2022)についてご案内申し上げます。

(Registrationはこちら: https://pimrc2022.ieee-pimrc.org/registration/ )


会議名:IEEE pimrc 2022 (オンライン形式での開催)

– Keynote Speakers —–

[Keynote 01] “Centimeter Wave Spectrum for 6G”
Wen Tong
(CTO, Wireless Network, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.)

[Keynote 02] “Understanding 6G Modulation to Mitigate Doubly Dispersive
Channels-OTFS and Alternatives”
Gerhard P. Fettweis
(Vodafone Chair Professor, Technische Universität Dresden & CEO,
Barkhausen Institute)

[Keynote 03] “The significance of Private 5G in the entertainment field”
Jun Watanabe
(CEO, Sony Wireless Communications Inc. CEO, Sony Network
Communications Inc.)

[Keynote 04] “5G Evolution and 6G powered by IOWN”
Takehiro Nakamura
(Chief Technology Architect, NTT DOCOMO, Inc.)

[Keynote 05] “New Visual Inspection Demands on Indoor Wireless Networks”
Jason Trachewsky
(CEO, Aquifi, Inc.)

[Keynote 06] “User-Centric Network toward Beyond 5G/6G”
Satoshi Konishi
(EVP and Head of Advanced Technology Laboratories, KDDI Research Inc.
VP of Technology Strategy Division, KDDI Corp.)

– Panels —–

[Panel 01] “6G for a Sustainable Future – What is Missing Today?”
[Panel 02] “6G Research Infrastructures – what, how and by whom?”
[Panel 03] “Embracing AI in 5G-Advanced and the Road to 6G”
[Panel 04] “Promising technologies for Beyond5G/6G”
[Panel 05] “How will security look in the next generation?”
[Panel 06] “Short range communication and sensing in 6G: How much better
can we do than today’s WiFi?”

– Technical Sessions —–

[Track 01] “PHY and Fundamentals”
[Track 02] “Networking and MAC”
[Track 03] “Practical and Experimental Systems”
[Track 04] “Applications, Platforms, and Business”

– Tutorials —–

[Tu 01] “Orbital Angular Momentum for Wireless Communications: From
Fundamentals to Implementation and Extension”
[Tu 02] “Wireless Channel Measurements, Characteristics Analysis, and
Channel Modeling for 6G Era”
[Tu 03] “Ten Years of Research on None-orthogonal Multiple Access:
Advances, Challenges, and Pivotal Questions”
[Tu 04] “Smart Wireless Environments for Beyond 5G Localization and Sensing”
[Tu 05] “Coexistence of RF, Millimeter, TeraHertz, and Optical
Communications Networks”
[Tu 06] “Beyond-5G Massive MIMO systems: User-centric cell-free networks”
[Tu 07] “3D Wireless Networks: Connecting the Dots between Ground, Air,
and Space”
[Tu 08] “Deep Learning for Physical Layer Security: Towards
Context-aware Intelligent Security for 6G-enabled Wireless Systems”
[Tu 09] “IEEE 802.11be and Beyond: All You Need to Know about
Next-generation Wi-Fi”
[Tu 10] “Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces: Electromagnetic models,
design, and future directions”
[Tu 11] “Evolution of NOMA Toward Next Generation Multiple Access”

– Special Sessions —–

[Special Session 01] “Enable technologies for 5G advanced system”
[Special Session 02] “cmWave – New possibilities for Extremely Large
Dimension MIMO in 6G”
[Special Session 03] “Intelligence Migration of Communication and
Computing Functionalities towards the Next Generation Networks”
[Special Session 04] “esearch Activities on Enhancement of Wireless
Emulation Technology”

– Workshops —–


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